Dachshund Temperament Traits and Personality – Man’s Best Friend

Dachshund Temperament: Man’s Best Friend?

The following are some interesting facts about the dachshund temperament traits and personality. These facts may come in handy when choosing a new pet for your family or when adopting a dog from shelter.

1) The dachshund is the most popular breed of dog in Germany.

They have been bred since 1876 and they were first used as guard dogs during World War I. They are very loyal and affectionate and they make excellent companions.

2) The dachshund is a medium sized dog with short legs, long body, wide head, round face and thick coat.

Their coats are usually light brown or golden in color but it varies according to the breed. Their bodies are muscular and well proportioned. Their heads tend to be large with heavy brows.

3) The dachshund is known for its good temperment, docile nature and love of company.

They are generally friendly towards strangers but they do get aggressive if provoked. They enjoy being around other pets such as cats, dogs, hamsters etc.

4) The dachshund is a versatile breed that can perform many different jobs including herding work, guarding duties and working in a field.

During World War I and World War II these dogs were used by the army to detect the presence of gas.

5) The dachshund breed is intelligent and easy to train.

They are known for their playful nature and clownish antics. They are very energetic and require a lot of exercise as well as mental stimulation. They love to play fetch and learn tricks easily.

6) The dachshund is an ideal dog for apartment living.

They don’t need much outdoor exercise and they can easily adapt to apartment life. They don’t really bark much but they do howl when they are alone a lot so if you live in an apartment, consider getting a more silent breed of dog.

Dachshund Temperament Traits and Personality – Man’s Best Friend - DogPuppySite

7) The dachshund requires only moderate grooming.

They do shed a lot so they are not the best choice for people with allergies.

8) Both parents of the dog must have healthy hips, knees and elbows for the litter to be free of crippling disabilities.

9) The average newborn dachshund has around 5 puppies in each litter.

10) The dachshund is prone to certain genetic disorders such as intervertebral disk disease. It is very important that the parents of a dachshund be bred from lines that do not have a history of back problems.

11) The average lifespan of a dachshund is around 14-16 years.

12) The dachshund is the symbol of Germany. It is considered to be a national treasure.

Dachshunds are considered to be excellent pets by most people. They are playful and full of energy in small packages and they enjoy being around people a lot. They are very intelligent and easy to train so they make an excellent choice for obedience training.

They have a lot of personality and are very endearing to people, especially children. They get on well with other pets in the family such as cats and dogs as long as they are introduced at an early age. They will chase rabbits and birds without thinking twice about it though so keep this in mind if you like to go hunting or have wild animals on your property.

Due to their intense loyalty and protectiveness towards their owners, they can be trusted around children. They will faithfully guard the family and their property without any hesitation or remorse for intruders or thieves.

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They are very playful dogs. They love to play catch, tag, and Frisbee. A daily walk is a must for these dogs as they require a lot of exercise.

They have high energy levels and if not given enough exercise they will find their own ways of releasing it such as barking, howling, chewing furniture and running around constantly.

They do require a moderate amount of grooming. They shed a lot so be prepared for hair everywhere if you do not like cleaning.

The average lifespan of a dachshund is around 13-15 years. They are very long lived dogs and some have been known to live up to 20 years. Due to certain genetic disorders that can plague the breed, its parents should be scanned for hip and elbow dysplasia, heart defects as well as intervertebral disk disease.

Due to its long body, the dachshund is prone to back problems. Its spine is simply not designed to support its own weight as well as the weight of its belly and it can cause nerve damage if not treated in time. The intervertebral disk disease causes the disks found in between the vertebrae of the spine to degenerate causing a lot of pain.

This is very painful for the dog and expensive to treat.

In order to avoid these health issues, it is very important that the parents of the dog are healthy and free from any genetic disorders that can be passed down to the puppies. A reputable breeder will be able to show you health clearances for both the sire and the dam of your puppy.

The dachshund has so much personality in such a tiny body. They are fearless little dogs and their loyalty to their families is unmatched by any other breed. They are incredibly patient with children and love to cuddle up next to them.

They can be a bit challenging to care for because of their long body, short legs and heavy coats but they are more than worth it. Their cute little smiles and happy personalities make them perfect for people who are looking for a dog that is just as loving as a retriever but much easier to carry!

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