Do Boxers Shed – Will Your New Pup Make A Hairy Mess

Do Boxers Shed – Will Your New Puppy Make A Hairy Mess?

The answer is yes, but it depends on how much and what kind of hairiness you want. There are many types of hairiness, some are better than others. Some breeds shed less than others. If your puppy sheds little or no hair at all then they may not make a hairy mess!

Some breeds shed very little hair and others shed a lot. Some breeds shed most of their hair while other breeds shed none at all.

All dogs have different body shapes and sizes so there will be a difference in how much and what type of hair they produce. The amount of hairs that come out varies from breed to breed too. For example, some pups may only grow one strand of hair whereas another pup might grow several strands.

Hairiness is a combination of genetics and environment. Genetics determines whether your dog will shed hair or not.

Factors such as diet, exercise level, age, health status etc can affect the amount of hairiness your puppy produces. Dogs with long coats tend to shed less than those without coat. Also some breeds like the Chihuahua and the Shih Tzu shed less than others like the Labrador Retriever or the German Shepherd Dog.

What are some of the best shedding dogs?

Some dogs that shed little or no hair at all are the:

– Japanese Chin

This breed has glossy, fine hair that does not grow excessively. They do not shed excessively and only require a little grooming.

This dog is good for people with pet allergies as they shed only a little hair. They do not need extensive grooming but they do need regular maintenance.


This breed has two layers of coats with the outer coat being thick and wooly. The undercoat is soft, thick and dense.

Their coat does not shed excessively and requires regular grooming and maintenance to keep it looking good. This breed does not grow much hair at all and is low maintenance for people with allergies.

What are some of the best dogs for shedding?

The breeds that shed excessively are the:

-Golden Retriever

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This breed has a double coat. The outer coat is thick, straight and fairly water-resistant.

The undercoat is thick, soft and fluffy. They shed a lot and require regular grooming and maintenance to look good. It also has a great temperament, is easy to train and has a lot of energy so it’s great for people who love the outdoors.


This breed has a short, smooth coat and sheds excessively. Their coat does not grow continuously but in cycles.

They require regular grooming and maintenance to look good. The Weimaraner is an active dog so it’s great for people who like to do outdoors activity with their dogs.


This breed has a thick, double coat that sheds excessively. It requires regular grooming and maintenance to keep it looking good.

It is very loyal and affectionate with a calm temperament. It is also very protective. It is not ideal for first-time dog owners and requires experienced owners.

What other factors should I consider?

Once you have considered the hairiness of the breed you want, there are some other factors to consider before choosing a dog:

Is the dog active or lazy?

Is it an indoors or outdoors dog?

Does it have a lot of energy or is it calm?

Is it good with children and/or other animals?

Is it easy to train or harder to handle?

The answers to these questions can help you choose a dog that can compliment your lifestyle and personality. Although there are some hairless dogs out there, they are not common. People with pet allergies should get rid of their dog and not make a drastic decision to shave their hair off. They should try to look for a dog breed that sheds less, like the ones listed above.

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