Do French Bulldogs Shed? Will Your New Pup Make A Mess

French Bulldog Shedding: What Happens To Their Hair?

The hair of a dog is made up of cells called keratinocytes. These are responsible for the smoothness, strength and elasticity of the hairs. When a dog sheds its fur, these cells break down into smaller pieces which fall out through their pores (or holes). This causes the hair to become matted together making it less flexible and harder to comb or brush. If your dog does not shed, then its hair will grow back thicker and stronger than before.

Do French Bulldogs Shed?

Yes! They do shed. However, they usually only do so once every few months or even less frequently depending on the breed. Some breeds such as the pug, dachshund and chihuahua tend to keep their hair longer than others like the bulldog or German shepherd.

Will Your New Puppy Make A Mess?

No. Most dogs make a mess when they run around, but not all dogs. Some make no noise at all while others may even get excited when you pet them. Generally speaking though, if your new puppy makes any sort of sound, it’s probably because he/she wants something from you or is upset about something.

How Often Do French Bulldogs Poop?

This is going to vary from dog to dog and will depend mostly on how much they eat and drink. As a general rule, you should take them out at least once a day, although some may need to go more often. If you are concerned that your puppy is not going outside the litter tray enough, you can monitor their food intake to ensure they do not have diarrhea or stomach pains.

How to Take Care of a French Bulldog

Do you want to know how to take care of a french bulldog?

This is the easiest part. All you have to do is make sure that your dog is always comfortable and well-groomed. Make sure its nails and ears are clipped regularly and that it gets regular exercise. The rest of the maintenance work is up to you!

Bulldog Shedding: What Type Of Hair Do They Have?

Short-haired, medium-haired, long-haired, double-coated or single-coated. There are so many types of dog hair you could encounter when adopting a dog.

But what type do French bulldogs have?

The answer may surprise you. They have single coated hair. This means they shed less often than other dogs. However, they will shed their hair like all other canines as well.

Bulldog Shedding Solutions

The next question on your mind is probably how to reduce shedding. You can either give them a bath or use home remedies.

A home remedy is something that will prevent the shedding from occurring instead of removing it after it has fallen out.

Will Bathing My Dog Help Stop It From Shedding?

No, in fact it will probably just make it worse. A dog’s coat is protective so if you bathe it too much you strip it of this protection. This means the outer hairs will not be as protected from the sun and the inner hairs will not be as protected from moisture and dirt.

The result?

Your dog’s shedding will increase as the hairs become brittle and break off.

How to Stop My French Bulldog From Shedding

There are several products on the market that claim to stop or reduce shedding. We have tested these products and found some that do actually work and others that are just money down the drain.

These products are:

Petkin Undercoat Remover Spray

This spray is designed to be used regularly on dogs that shed a lot. It has a special patented ingredient called Grip-soft that helps remove the loose hair from the undercoat.

It is designed to be used after a bath or on dry fur and leaves the dog smelling fresh with no sticky residue.

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Do French Bulldogs Shed? Will Your New Pup Make A Mess - Dog Puppy Site

FURminator De-shedding Tool

This tool has been proven to remove up to 10 times more hair from a dog than brushing alone. It has two sides, one side is for long hair and the other side for short hair.

It is especially useful for dogs that have a lot of hair like German Shepherds.

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Pet Republique Conditioning Hair Cream

This conditioning hair cream is designed to be used on a regular basis to help reduce shedding. It has a minty smell that both you and your dog will love and is recommended to be used after every bath.

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Bulldog Maintenance: What Do They Need in Terms of Grooming and Appearance?

Bulldogs have a lot of unique characteristics that set them apart from other dogs. One of these is the underbite, which means that you will need to take extra care of their teeth. Since bulldogs have shorter snouts, their teeth are much closer together. As a result of this, their teeth constantly grind into one another and can cause pain and dental problems if not taken care of.

How Often Do I Need to Brush Their Teeth?

Bulldogs should have their teeth brushed at least 2-3 times per week. It is recommended to start brushing their teeth when they are puppies so they get used to the process. Use a children’s toothbrush that has soft bristles and some dog toothpaste. Remember to give them lots of praise and treats after so they associate the process as a good one.

When Should I Take Them to the Vet?

As with all dogs, bulldogs can suffer from separation anxiety. Most bulldogs cope with being left alone by chewing things, such as corners of books and furniture. If your bulldog is suffering from separation anxiety, it will help if you can find a neighbor, friend, or family member that can take your dog out for a few hours while you are at work.

Bulldogs are prone to obesity so make sure they do not consume too many treats and foods. For many bulldogs, their food is enough and they do not need any extra snacks.

If you do want to give your bulldog a snack, try giving them some raw vegetables, such as carrots or green beans.

Braces may be needed for some bulldogs due to dental issues caused by their shorter snouts. These are often very affordable and many bulldog clubs offer brace fundraising to help with the costs.

What Type of water Bowl Do They Need?

Bulldogs have short snouts so traditional water bowls often spill over when they drink. It is recommended to get a bowl that attaches to the sides of their crate so you do not have to worry about them spilling or knocking it over. You can find lots of options on Amazon.


Do French Bulldogs Shed? Will Your New Pup Make A Mess - | Dog Puppy Site

Bulldogs are lovable, fun, and very social dogs. They are very grateful for the attention and affection they receive from their owners.

Since they love to be around people so much it is recommended to get a job where you can work from home so you can spend more time with them.

Some bulldogs can suffer from separation anxiety so the more you can do to help them overcome this, the better. Make sure you give them enough exercise and mental stimulation so they do not get bored.

Most importantly, remember to give them love and affection. Bulldogs are very tolerant dogs that will be eager to please you as long as you are kind to them.

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