Dog Breeds – 8 Things to Avoid When Choosing Your Puppy

1. Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are a very popular breed of dog in the United States. They have been bred for their athletic ability and obedience skills. However, they are not recommended for those who suffer from allergies or other conditions that cause them to react badly to certain allergens such as cats, dust mites, grasses, mold spores etc. They are known to be hyperactive and prone to barking at strangers. These characteristics make them unsuitable for children, elderly people, or anyone with a history of seizures or epilepsy.

2. Boxer

Boxers were originally developed for hunting small animals such as rabbits and hares but they have since become popular pets due to their affectionate nature and easy-going personality. They are friendly and loving towards humans but they do need regular exercise to keep fit. They are usually calm around strangers so it’s best if you get one who isn’t particularly outgoing.

3. Mastiff

Mastiffs are a medium sized dog breed with a short coat which makes them ideal for cold climates. Their size means they require less space than some other breeds and they’re good with kids too! They are also one of the healthiest and most long-living dog breeds but they require more attention than some others.

4. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies, as they are more commonly known, are a relatively small breed of terrier with long hair. They became popular in the 1800s when they were exhibited at dog shows. They have far less energy than other dog breeds so they do not require as much exercise. They do however, require a lot of grooming to keep their long hair maintained.

5. Pug

Pugs are an energetic and fun-loving breed of dog. Whilst they are friendly towards people in general, they can be wary around strangers which makes them good watchdogs. They are prone to certain hereditary health problems which means it is essential to get your dog checked by a veterinarian before buying.

6. Dachshund

Also known as a “sausage dog” due to their long bodies and short legs, Dachshunds are one of the oldest types of dogs. They were originally bred for hunting but are now kept more as pets. They are friendly, intelligent and curious animals which makes them suitable for a wide range of owners. They do however, suffer from several different health problems so it is best that you have them checked by a veterinarian before buying.

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7. Beagle

Beagles are a popular scent hound breed of dog which means they have a great sense of smell. Their long floppy ears and large eyes make them appear more like a soft toy than a real animal! Whilst they are friendly and enjoy human company they can be stubborn and difficult to train. They require less exercise than other dog breeds but more than most small dogs.

8. Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniels are a breed of gun dog which means they have been bred to hunt by scent. Whilst this means they can be disobedient and stubborn at times, they are known to be loving and devoted animals who are happy to please their owners. They require regular exercise and stimulation whilst also requiring grooming due to their long hair.

9. Chihuahua

These cute little dogs are the smallest breed of dog and come from Mexico where they were bred to hunt rodents and rabbits. Whilst they require less exercise than larger breeds, they still need regular walks. They should not be housed outside due to their small size and relatively high cost.

10. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinschers are a large and powerful breed of dog which means they require a lot of space and exercise. Whilst they were originally bred to guard, they are now kept more as family pets. They require a lot of attention and care but they are not the best choice for first-time owners.

Good Owners and Bad Owners

After you’ve chosen a Breed of dog, it’s time to decide if you’ll be a Good Owner or a Bad Owner.

A Good Owner will provide their pet with love and care whilst making sure they’re well looked after. A Bad Owner will leave their pet alone for long periods of time, won’t provide them with adequate exercise and won’t provide them with adequate food.

Dog Breeds – 8 Things to Avoid When Choosing Your Puppy - | Dog Puppy Site

If you’re a Good Owner, your dog will be happy and well-adjusted whilst a Bad Owner will make their dog grow to become aggressive and will not listen.

Good Owners will also have better relationships with people and their Social Network score will be higher than Bad Owners.

Your pet’s breed and whether you’re a Good or Bad Owner will affect your relationship with your dog and how it grows throughout the game.

Be sure to take note of your choices and how they’ll affect your character!

Other Pets

If you didn’t choose a dog as your pet then you will have the option of getting another type of pet in the future! There are several pets available for you to choose from!



Cats are independent animals which means they do not require quite as much attention as dogs. Whilst they do not need to be walked as frequently as a dog, they do require hunting in order to eat. They are also more independent which means you may find yourself with a cat which refuses to be touched or played with.



Hamsters are small rodents which require little attention. Whilst they do require exercise, environmental enrichment and food, they do not require quite as much attention as a dog. Hamsters are solitary animals and do not tend to do well in groups. If you desire a pet which you can play with then a hamster is not the best option.



Dog Breeds – 8 Things to Avoid When Choosing Your Puppy - | Dog Puppy Site

Rabbits are prey animals and due to this they can be skittish around humans. Whilst rabbits can make good pets, they require a lot of time and attention to socialize them. Failure to do this will cause the rabbit to remain skittish and scared which can lead to it biting or attacking. If you dedicate time to socializing your rabbit then they can be affectionate pets.



There are many different types of fish in the world which all have diverse personalities and needs. Fish owners must make sure the tank is clean, the water is clean and that their fish has everything they need to thrive in their environment. When choosing a fish, it is best to do your research on the specific type of fish you want before taking one home.

When it comes to feeding your pet fish, you have a few options. You can either feed them pellets which are made out of various ingredients or you can feed them prey which will be alive when you purchase it. Each option will have different benefits and downsides.

Taking care of a fish is easy and it does not require much attention. Due to this, owners of fish tend to develop strong bonds with their pets since they are able to see their pet on a daily basis.



Turtles are reptiles and can live up to three decades if taken care of properly. They require a specialized tank which is deeper than most with little to no gravel. They also require an underwater shelter in which they can rest.

Dog Breeds – 8 Things to Avoid When Choosing Your Puppy - Dog Puppy Site

Due to their longevity, turtles do not make the best pets for children. Whilst they do not require as much attention as most pets, they do still need regular attention and feeding. If you dedicate yourself to taking care of a turtle then they can become affectionate pets which form strong bonds with their owners.



Chinchillas are much like rabbits in the sense that they require human interaction in order to not be scared of humans. Whilst they can be playful pets, they require their owners to dedicate time to playing with them regularly in order to get the most out of them. Chinchillas are nocturnal which means their human owners will have to stay up late in order to interact with them.

Due to their size, chinchillas can be slightly harder to take care of than most other pets if you do not have a lot of time. Whilst they do not require as much attention as a dog or cat, they still need regular attention in order to thrive. If you make the effort to interact with your chinchilla on a daily basis then they can become loving pets.



Hamsters are probably one of the easiest pets to take care of. They do not require large amounts of attention and get along well in small tanks. Due to their size, hamsters can either be held in your hand or in a small ball which can be easily held in your hand.

Whilst hamsters are entertaining to watch, owners can sometimes find themselves with “too many” hamsters since they breed quite rapidly. If you decide to get a hamster then be prepared for a whole family of the furry critters.

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Marmosets are small monkeys that originate from the South American rainforests. Whilst they can be fun to own, marmosets require a lot of attention and dedication in order to thrive in their new environment as a pet.

If you own a marmoset then you need to dedicate a large amount of time to taking care of it on a daily basis. Whilst marmosets are small monkeys, you still need to familiarize yourself on the do’s and don’ts of owning one. Due to their small size, marmosets can easily be hurt by falls and can catch colds from being exposed to harsh weather.

Due to their small size, it is not recommended to own one of these if you live in a residential area. Marmosets tend to be loud and they will most likely disturb the people living close to you.


Monkeys can come in various sizes however they all share similar traits. Monkeys are social animals and require companionship on a daily basis otherwise they get depressed. Whilst some are easy to maintain, others can be quite hard.

Due to their size, monkeys require a lot of space in order to thrive and are not suited to city life. It takes a lot of effort to take care of them however if you make the time to socialize with them on a daily basis, they can become very loyal. Due to their large size and strength they can also be hard to handle so you must be careful when interacting with them.

Due to their size, it is not recommended to own one of these if you live in a residential area. Monkeys tend to be loud and they will most likely disturb the people living close to you.


Rabbits make excellent first pets for children due to their docile nature. Whilst rabbits do require daily attention, they do not require as much as some other pets such as dogs or cats.

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