Dog Breeds That Start With P – How Many of These Breeds Do You Know

Dog Breed Beginnings: Q


The name “Quadruped” comes from the fact that dogs have four legs. They are known as quadrupeds because they walk on all fours like humans do. Dogs are classified into several different types depending on their size.

Some of these include:

Small dogs – These are the smallest type of dog. They usually weigh between 2-5 pounds and stand around 18 inches tall at the withers. Their bodies are medium in weight and length; however, they tend to be short in height.

Small dogs have long limbs and slender builds. They have a soft, fluffy coat that is often brown or black in color.

Medium dogs – These are medium in size and weight. They stand around 5-8 pounds and are about 20 inches tall at the withers. Medium dogs have a medium body, but tend to be slightly taller than small dogs due to their longer limbs.

They have a thick, woolly coat that is grayish white in color.

Large dogs – These are larger than average sizes of dogs. They usually weigh around 11-20 pounds and are about 25 inches tall at the withers. Large dogs have a large body, but tend to be slightly shorter than medium dogs due to their shorter limbs.

They have a thick, furry coat that is grayish black in color.

X-large dogs – These dogs are the largest of all types. They usually weigh between 21-40 pounds and stand about 27 inches tall at the withers. They have a huge body with massive limbs.

Their coat is thick and wooly and is grayish brown in color.

Regardless of their size, all dogs are very loving creatures that thrive on the love and attention of their owners. They make excellent companions as they are very loyal and obedient. All they want is to please you.

Dogs are naturally protective of their family and will guard them from any type of danger.

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