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Dog Cake Recipe: A Dog’s Best Friend?

It seems like every time I see a new dog owner, they are always talking about their pets. They want to know all kinds of things about them, such as what breed they are, how old they are, where did they come from and so on. And then there is me; I am not really interested in these questions. But I do have a pet, which is my four legged friend named DOG. So when someone asks me about my dog, I usually just say “He’s a German Shepherd”. Of course it doesn’t hurt to tell the truth!

I suppose it would make sense that if your dog loves you back, he will love you back too. After all, we’re animals after all.

Dogs are very loyal creatures and love unconditionally. There is no reason why they shouldn’t be able to fall in love with each other.

But, does it really work out that way? Does a dog become infatuated with its human companion? Is it possible for two animals to develop feelings for one another? Can a dog actually fall in love with a person or even vice versa?

Or maybe it isn’t possible at all.

Well, I can say for sure that it is possible. In fact, my dog has fallen in love with my girlfriend.

It wasn’t always like this though. When we first got him, he was just like any other dog and didn’t pay much attention to us. He only cared about food and the types of toys that squeaked the most.

After all, who can blame him?

He was a puppy. As he got a little older, he started to take more of an interest in us. He also began to change in many ways. He developed his own personality.

As dogs tend to do, he would always greet us whenever one of us came home. Eventually, it got to the point where he would wait by the door every time either one of us went out.

It was like he was waiting for us to never return. It was definitely cute, but a little worrying at the same time.

Soon enough, he finally stopped doing that. I guess he eventually realized that we weren’t going anywhere.

That’s when he finally settled down. He probably felt comfortable enough around us to just be his true self. As I said before, dogs are animals that show very little emotion towards other animals and humans. If they do show emotion, it’s for a good reason. Maybe I’m wrong though. It could be that he was like this to me from the start, but I was just so busy that I didn’t have time to pay attention to him. Either way, it doesn’t matter anymore; he’s a great dog and very protective of us too.

It’s been about four years since we’ve had him and I don’t see any signs of him leaving our side any time soon. He has become one of my best friends.

I don’t know what I’d do without him. My girlfriend would agree with me on that too.

Sure, it’s hard to train him at times, especially when he doesn’t listen. It’s even harder to maintain his energy level throughout the day.

As much as I hate walking him when it’s raining outside, I know that it has to be done in order to keep him happy.

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Like I said before, dogs are very loyal creatures. They tend to want to please their owners.

If they can’t do that, then there is a good chance that they will become very depressed and not feel love any longer. I don’t want that to happen so I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure he stays by my side for as long as possible.

It’s funny how he ended up becoming my best friend. I used to have many friends when I was younger, but slowly they all started to fall away.

Some had family emergencies and had to move. Others decided to join the military or get jobs. I would end up losing touch with them over time. It wasn’t like we drifted apart either; it’s like they all just disappeared off the face of the Earth. I still remember the day when I found out that my last friend moved away. It was also the day when I finally accepted the fact that I would be lonely from that point on.

It’s not like I made any special effort to keep in contact with any of them either. A couple of them I did, but even those relationships seemed to dissolve over time.

At one point, it got to a point where I stopped trying to make new friends. It’s not like I was anti-social either, but the effort that I would have to put in for me to make a “friend” didn’t seem worth it in the long run.

I did try the online route a couple times; that was a miserable failure. I’m sure you can guess why.

There was no emotional connection whatsoever. It was all just very fake to me. At least with someone you can see in person, you know if they’re lying or not. With the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.

I also tried the bar route a couple times, but I just never had any type of connection with anyone there either. Everyone was older than me or else I just didn’t feel any type of common interest with them.

I sometimes wonder if it’s just me, but I start to think that nobody these days have any patience for making real friendships. It’s just so much easier to bash out a hundred words on an online profile than it is to speak to someone in person.

I’m starting to get off-topic here. What I’m trying to say is, Tanner is the only real friend that I’ve ever had, and I’m glad to have him around.

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He has certainly made these past couple of years a little more bearable. I don’t think I could live here alone; it would be far too depressing.

Even with Tanner around though, it doesn’t quite seem like home. I’ve tried my best to make this place feel like I live here and not just some empty apartment, but it still doesn’t seem the same.

Part of my problem is that I’ve never actually owned anything before.

I mean, I have more money than I know what to do with, but the problem is where do you store things?

Especially if you live by yourself and don’t have a garage to store your stuff in. I ended up renting a storage unit, but that still isn’t cheap. Eventually, I start thinking that maybe I should have gotten a smaller place and saved the money.

What bothers me the most though is the fact that it’s just me. I really wish I had someone here to share all of this with; even if they were just a friend.

I wouldn’t even care if it was a girl or guy at this point, as long as they were someone I enjoyed the company of. Part of me is afraid that I will end up becoming some bitter old man that no one can stand being around, because I’m lonely.

Now I’m starting to get really off-topic. Sorry, I just don’t talk to anyone about this stuff.

In fact, I’ve never talked to anyone about this stuff. It feels good to get it out though.

I guess what I’m trying to say in this letter is, thank you. Thank you for being my friend.

Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for all the advice you’ve given me. Thank you for everything.

With all my heart, I wish you the best on your birthday and every day after that.

Your friend,


I finish up the letter and wipe away the last remnants of tears that are now streaming down my face. I’m not sure why I’m crying now when I wasn’t earlier.

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I think it’s just been a lot to take in. I mean, when I think about it, this whole experience really has changed my life in a major way. It’s odd, but in a good way.

I refold the letter and place it back into its original envelope. I then take my card that has Tanner’s picture on the front and slide it back into the nightstand drawer.

I’m still deciding if I’m going to give it to him on his birthday or not. Part of me is concerned that he might not take it so well if he finds out that I’ve been going through his stuff. It’s not like I’ve been stealing anything of his; I’m merely re-purposing his stuff. It would just be really awkward if he got pissed about it, especially since we’re already going to have a somewhat serious talk on his birthday.

I notice it’s gotten dark outside and I must have spent more time crying and writing than I thought. Not that it matters though, Tanner won’t be back tonight as he’s got class until late.

Good, I’d rather not have to deal with him at the moment.

I take one last look at his letter before placing it back into the tin can and putting the lid on it. I’ll probably give him his stuff back after his birthday.

Maybe on our next birthday I’ll get him something though I’m not sure what.

I decide that maybe I should go out and do something since I haven’t been out in a while. I go through my clothes and can’t find anything that I want to wear.

Typical, the one time I want to go out and I don’t have anything presentable to wear.

Maybe I’ll stay in tonight after all.

I hear some keys jingling outside my door followed by footsteps.

Shit, Tanner’s home already. I didn’t expect him this early.

Do I hide his stuff?

I don’t really have enough time to run and hide it. It’ll have to be the closet I guess.

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I quickly shove everything back into the nightstand and close the drawer just as Tanner swings the door open.

“About time you got ho-.” He starts to say until he notices me attempting to shove his stuff that’s now in my hands under his clothes in the closet.

Why are you touching my stuff?”

“No reason,” I say as I shove everything into the corner of the closet.

“Hmm, I wonder what else you’ve been doing without my knowledge.”

I freeze.

Did he just accuse me of stealing?

“You better watch yourself, mister. Your stuff was just out because I was putting it away, your accusation is pretty serious. Like I give a flying-“, I catch myself in the nick of time. I was almost about to channel David.

I’m not sure if Tanner bought it or he’s just playing with my head, but he lets out a chuckle before getting serious again.

“Don’t be so defensive, I wasn’t calling you a thief. But, I am accusing you of invading my privacy though.”

He’s got me there. I try and brush it off though.

So, what if I was?

It’s not like you had anything interesting going on anyway.”

Tanner’s face drops and he takes a deep breath. I think I might have offended him again.

He then lets out a sigh.

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“I really wish you would stop treating me like I’m about to break, or that I’m some fragile piece of china.”

“You just seem that way to me because you’re too sensitive at times. I mean, I know you play it off like you don’t care about anything and that you’re this big tough guy but I know that’s not entirely true.

You’re like everyone else, you get sad and upset about certain things.”

“Maybe I just hide it better,” Tanner says defensively.

I continue to explain myself. “Well no duh, but the point is you don’t have to hide it from me.

I’m not judging you, I’m just trying to be there for you like you are for me.”

Tanner’s face softens and he looks down. “It’s…not that easy…”

“Hey don’t try to tell me it is, but at the same time don’t tell me it isn’t. You’re the one who told me that all I had to do was be there for you.

The same thing goes for me. I want to help, I want to listen and I want to be there. If you don’t want me to go through your stuff, don’t leave it out.

Can we agree on that at least?”

Tanner sighs again, but this time more softly. “Yeah…fine.”

“Thanks,” I smile. “

Now what do you wanna do tonight?”

He thinks for a moment and then answers, “You pick this time.”

Cool, how about we go to that pizza place near the movie theater?”

“Sure, whatever.”

I go grab my wallet and phone while Tanner puts his stash back in his bag. By the time I’m done with those two things, Tanner is already half way out the door.

“Hey come on! I didn’t say we were leaving yet.”

He stops and looks back towards me. “I’m not waiting around for you, we’re going now.”

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“Wow, someone’s grumpy,” I smile. “Alright, alright, I’m coming…”

We leave my house and make our way towards the pizza place. The entire time we’re walking, I can sense that Tanner is in a really bad mood and I’m having trouble sensing why.

It’s very odd considering how much he was looking forward to tonight. I try and start some conversation to see if I can figure out what’s wrong.

So, did you want to see a specific movie?”

“Not really.”

Are you sure?

I mean they’ve already got Big Hero 6, The Hunger Games, and extrapolated version of Chronicles of Narnia…”

“I don’t care.”

My next attempt is to try and get him to play one of our games. “

So did you want to play one of our games while we eat?”


I’ve never seen him this mad before, at least not at me. I don’t understand what I did to make him so upset.

We’ve had disagreements before but he’s never been angry with me like this. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think he was mad because I looked through his bag and saw the pills. I really wish I could ask him about it, but I don’t want to risk making him even madder than he already is.

We finally arrive at the pizza place and sit down in a booth that’s secluded enough for us to talk, but still public enough for me to get help if he decides to do something rash. We both order a pizza with everything on it and I notice that Tanner is really looking at the knife that the waitress gives him.

It takes me a moment before I realize that he’s considering killing himself with it.

I look around and realize that there’s nothing I can use as a weapon if he goes through with it. The only thing that might be able to stop a knife is a magical one and I doubt I’d be able to get it out of my bag before he can kill me.

If only there was something I could do…

Wait! I can bend the salt shaker to make it explode and break his eardrums, that’ll give me enough time to get away and get help.

Dog Cupcake Recipes - DogPuppySite

There’s just one problem, I’ve never tried to affect something animate before. I hope this works.

I clear my mind of all other thought and focus only on the salt shaker. It takes a minute, but I finally manage to make the shaker wobble over the table.

I push it just a little farther and it falls off the edge and lands on the floor, but it doesn’t break. Some of the salt falls out, but that’s all. I try again and this time I get it to explode, but it mostly ends up splattering my side of the table with some getting on Tanner as well.

“What…what was that?” he asks looking in my direction.

“Uh…the air conditioner must have just kicked on,” I say feebly.

Tanner’s face looks like it’s going to snap due to how hard he’s frowning. He starts speaking, but I can’t hear him and he can’t hear me, which makes the situation all the more creepy.

He gets out of his seat and starts walking towards me with a mixture of anger and sadness. He could either kiss me or kill me at this point and until he gets here, I won’t know which one it’ll be.

He reaches my side of the table and looks down on me as I cower in my seat. It’s a nightmarish scene that would give me complete terror if I wasn’t still in complete shock at what’s happening.

The words that come out of his mouth next are “Why?”

I can only shake my head and cry.

He bends down, grabs my bag and throws it at me. “I don’t want to see you ever again.” He turns around and walks out of the restaurant without looking back.

I sit there all alone in a daze until the waitress comes over and asks if I’m going to be ordering anything. It’s only then that I realize I no longer have my bag, my money or my phone.

Everything has been left behind.

I have no choice but to do what Tanner asked and not see him ever again.

* * *

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2 months later…

“And that’s why I decided to join you guys.” I say finishing up the story I’ve told the crew.

“I want to make Tanner proud even if he doesn’t want me to.”

Zal doesn’t seem satisfied with my answer. “Just because you want to prove yourself to your boyfriend doesn’t mean you should join the army.”

“He’s not my boyfriend anymore.” I say a bit exasperated at this point.

“And I don’t care why you joined, you didn’t do it for fun, you did it to help your family and that’s honorable. My reasons are at least just as good.”

Zal thinks for a bit before responding. “Fine, but don’t think I’ll be going easy on you during training just because you gave me a sob story.

If you want to prove yourself to Tanner, you’re going to have to work for it.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

And so my training begins…

To be continued…

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