Dog Names That Start With L – Lovely Ideas For Your New Pet

Dog Name That Starts With L: Lovely Ideas For Your New Pet

What’s so special about these lovely girl dog names that start with l?

They are all very unusual, but they have something in common: they’re all named after flowers! These flowery girls will make your new pet feel like a princess when she comes home from school or plays fetch.

Lily of the Valley

The Lily of the valley is a pretty little shrub that grows in temperate climates. Its leaves are dark green and its flowers are white. When it blooms, it resembles tiny white butterflies fluttering around each other. You’ll love having one in your garden because they’re easy to care for and look great hanging from a tree branch.

Rose of Sharon

A rose of sharon is a small shrubby plant native to Europe and Asia. It produces pinkish red flowers that resemble roses. They’re fragrant and beautiful. If you’ve ever wondered what a rose looks like under different lighting conditions, then you need to see how they bloom! A rose of sharon is also known as the European Rose or the Asian Rose.


The lily is the world’s most popular flower. There are hundreds of different types of lilies across the globe. They come in many different colours and they’re all stunning! You’ll find them on many different coats of arms, including the English Royal Family. Lilies bloom in the spring, and they have a very distinctive look about them.


The rose has been used as a symbol for love and romance throughout history. They come in different colours and have a very distinctive shape. There are different types of roses that bloom throughout the year, too. The red rose evolved from the wild oxeye daisy, but nobody’s quite sure how. Roses have been used to symbolize everything from “letting go” to the innocence of youth.

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The Lilac is a beautiful plant that produces spectacular flowers. They come in different colours, including purple, blue, and white. Lilacs bloom in clusters and they have a very distinctive sweet fragrance. The flowers are heavy, though, so they don’t do so well when it rains a lot!


The lotus has long been a symbol of purity and peace because it rises from the mud to reach toward the heavens. The lotus flower is also very symbolic in several religions. It’s native to North America, Central America, South America, and Asia. It’s a bit of a mysterious flower. No one is quite sure how it got its name!

Water Lilies

The Water Lilies are a very large group of plants that grow on the surface of still bodies of freshwater. They have large circular leaves and beautiful flowers that come in a wide range of colours. The flowers are often used to make rice paper for paintings and books. They’re also edible! Children love to run their hands along the grassy leaves.


A blossom is the flower of many plants. Usually, they’re very colourful and sweet-smelling. They attract bees and other insects that are essential for the reproduction of more plants. Many cultures have a tradition of giving flowers as gifts on special occasions like birthdays and weddings. You might want to keep them in vases, though, because they won’t last long if you don’t!

Rose Bud

A bud is not quite a flower. It’s an undeveloped flower. The bud has everything it needs to become a beautiful flower, though, if it’s given the right conditions. Most buds are very small and can only be seen with a magnifying glass. Many buds are hidden behind larger petals that keep them safe until they’re ready to bloom into full flowers.

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