Dog Pregnancy Calendar – What To Expect When She’s Expecting

Dog Pregnancy Calendar – What To Expect When She’s Expecting?

In the first few weeks of your dog’s pregnancy, she may show no signs or symptoms at all. However, if she does show any signs or symptoms, they are very likely to be a sign that something is wrong with her. You need to take necessary precautions and make sure you don’t miss anything that could cause problems during this time period.

Day 1: No Signs Of Life At All

At this point, your dog is not showing any signs of life whatsoever. If she shows any signs of life, it will most probably be a sign that something is seriously wrong with her.

Your vet will want to do some tests before making a diagnosis. If she doesn’t show any signs of life after two days, then you need to get her checked out immediately because there is nothing wrong with her at all!

Day 2: Painful Urination And Bloating

Your dog is still showing no signs of life at all. Her urine looks dark red and cloudy.

Some blood is coming from her urethra too. This means that she might have a urinary tract infection (UTI). A UTI can lead to severe pain and even death in dogs.

Day 3: Lack Of Energy

Your dog’s lack of energy is becoming very concerning now. If she isn’t doing anything at all, then this is something that you need to address as soon as possible because it probably means that something serious is wrong with her.

How old is she? Does she suffer from any diseases or health problems?

These are both factors that need to be addressed right away.

Day 7: Lethargic

Your dog’s lethargy becomes apparent to you on day 7 of her pregnancy. She is sleeping a lot, and she seems to have lost all interest in her food.

When you try to make her eat, she shows no interest at all. She has also vomited bile. Her stomach is very bloated. This could be due to a serious stomach infection.

Day 8: Strange Behaviour

Something seems to be troubling your dog. She is barking at nothing, and you can tell that she is feeling sick and feverish.

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She seems depressed too. This could be due to a serious infection that has led to an imbalance in her central nervous system.

Day 9: Less Vomiting

On day 9, your dog has been vomiting less often. However, she shows no interest in food or water.

She has been sleeping a lot.

Are you sure she is not depressed?

If you are not sure, then you should consult a veterinarian as soon as possible because your dog could be depressed due to an underlying disease or infection.

Day 18: Energy Boost!

It’ s the day before her puppies are due. Your dog seems to have a sudden burst of energy!

She’s playing and running around as if she was a much younger dog. It’s almost as if she knows that her puppies are due tomorrow!

Day 19: The Big Day

Your dog has had her puppies overnight. It all seemed to have happened so fast.

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You wake up at 3am to the sound of her whelping. She seems exhausted after doing all the hard work herself, but she is very happy. You count and find that there are 5 healthy puppies! All 5 of them are eager to eat. You had better get busy and start calling around to all the local breeders to find them all new homes.

Day 20: Well Look At You!

It’ s the morning after your dog gave birth to her puppies. All 5 of them have been given away to other dog owners.

Your own dog seems very proud and contented with herself. She is happy that she has helped increase the population of her favourite breed- the Labrador Retriever.

How Does Time Pass?

Time will pass in real time while you are playing. You can speed up the process by skipping days if you like, or you can take your time and enjoy the various activities involved with dog breeding and raising. Just remember, your main purpose is to increase the population of your favourite breed of dog!

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