Dog Training Discs, Rattle Bottles and Pet Correctors

Dog Training Discs – What are they?

The first thing one should know about dog training discs is that they are not toys. They are actually plastic or metal objects which have been specially designed to make a loud noise when hit with a certain type of object (or no object at all). These types of items were originally developed for use in military applications where soldiers could hear their own explosions over the sounds of battle.

Discs come in many shapes and sizes, but most commonly they are round, red or black. Some of them have a hole in the center so that you can insert your finger into it to play with the disc. Others have small holes cut out so that you can throw them like Frisbees.

There are also some discs which resemble toy animals such as rabbits, squirrels or even frogs!

You may think that these things would be useless if you don’t want to train your dog to do something, but there are several benefits to using a dog training disc. First off, they’re fun! You can give your pup a treat when he catches one of those little plastic discs.

Another benefit is that they’re inexpensive! A few dollars will buy you dozens of treats for him instead of just one or two for himself.

Does your dog have a problem running out into the road?

Try throwing one of these on the sidewalk and telling him to stay as you go back onto the driveway. When he gets up to grab the disc, he’ll realize that he’s a few feet closer to the road, which will scare him away from it. You can also do this with animals such as cats or squirrels (or even people if you want to). Get a disc, then slowly edge it out toward the road. Most dogs (and other animals) have a natural tendency to avoid things that are dangerous to them, such as moving vehicles.

How about fetch?

That’s one of the most popular uses for dog training discs. Instead of a ball, you can use one of these. Some can be thrown pretty far, while others are better for shorter distances. Try hiding the disc in tall grass and letting him find it. Or, try throwing it into a body of water so that he can dive in after it (just make sure he knows how to swim first).

You can even stack some of them together and make a little pyramid. Most dogs love to constantly knock things over, so this is sure to keep him entertained for a while!

So, if you haven’t figured it out by now, dog training discs are great for teaching your pet to do a number of different things. They’re also a lot of fun for you and your furry friend to play with together.

What more could you want?

Rattle Bottles – What are they?

Rattle bottles are a common tool used in training hunting dogs such as Retrievers, Spaniels and other such breeds. They are a simple glass bottle with small metal pellets or BBs inside of them. When shaken, the pellets or BBs make a rattling noise which causes your dog to go into action.

One of the most popular uses for rattle bottles is in training hunting dogs to point at prey and then stay silent until the hunter arrives. First, you will need to teach your dog to point at an object such as a rag or even a glove.

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