Doggy Daycare – The Right Choice For You And Your Pup

What Is Doggy Daycare?

Do you have a puppy or adult dog that needs some extra attention?

If yes, then it might be time to consider putting your pup in day care. Many pet parents are looking for ways to keep their pups happy and healthy while they’re at home with them. There’s no doubt that having a dog that goes to daycare is beneficial for both the owner and the animal.

The Benefits Of Doggy Daycare:

It helps to keep your dog busy and occupied. Dogs need stimulation all the time, but going to daycare can give your pup something else to focus on besides napping. They’ll get exercise too! It keeps your dog from getting bored with just being around you. It gives him a chance to interact with other dogs and humans in a fun way.

Most importantly though, it provides mental stimulation for him which will make him happier overall.

How To Choose A Good Daycare For My Puppy Or Adult Dog:

There are many options out there when it comes to choosing a place where your pup can play and socialize. Some places offer puppy classes, others provide puppy enrichment activities, and still others offer free playtime for kids. These days, most places that cater to pets also include daycare services.

But what exactly does “daycare” mean? What kind of things do they teach your pup?


Puppy daycare is a perfect chance for your dog to develop social skills with other dogs. No, these aren’t like the gangs of wild youths running around your local playground. Playgroups are gatherings of dogs of similar size and age. Younger dogs play separately from teenage dogs, who play separately from adult and senior dogs.

The size of the groups change constantly as dogs come and go. Sometimes there are just a few pups having a rollicking good time. Other times, the entire room is filled with dozens of dogs all vying for attention.

Playgroups are an excellent way for your dog to learn how to act around other canines. It’s also an easy way for them to make new friends!

Doggy Daycare – The Right Choice For You And Your Pup -

Classes And Training:

Taking classes or having a private trainer come out to the daycare is a great way for your dog to learn new tricks and improve upon old ones. A number of the places you can drop your dog off for the day offer personalized training for a small additional cost. If you don’t mind parting with your pooch for the day, in-home training sessions are another option.

Some of these classes are basic obedience. Your dog will learn to obey commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “come.” Clicker training is a more recent method that’s becoming increasingly popular. With this technique, a clicker is used to mark good behavior. As soon as the click is heard, your dog receives a treat.

This method is excellent for teaching new tricks or bettering old ones.

Other classes go beyond obedience and into trick training. Your dog can learn to ride a skateboard, walk on his hind legs, and much more! Training is a great way to keep your dog busy and give him something fun to do when you aren’t available.

General Enrichment:

Just as daycare centers help kids with their developmental skills, doggy daycare centers focus on improving your dog’s physical and mental abilities while you’re at work or running errands. These enrichment classes can be as simple as teaching your dog how to sit still or lie down and stay for extended periods of times. These are especially helpful if you have a puppy who is still learning new tricks.

Other classes teach dogs how to walk on leashes, accept wearing collars without pulling, and more. If your dog struggles with commands at home, taking him to daycare at least twice a week will help him immensely with his obedience skills.

The Best Daycare For Your Pup:

Now that you have a few basic ideas about what doggy daycare centers offer, you’re ready to start looking for the right place for your pup! Fortunately, there are so many options out there that you should have no problem at all finding a suitable place in your price range. If you don’t have a favorite place in mind, ask friends, family, or even your vet where they take their dogs! If all else fails, simply start Googling “dog daycare” in your area.

It’s important to find the right place for your dog though. Don’t just pick the closest one to your house or the first one you find! Take a look at each one’s amenities and make sure they have everything your dog needs (and takes him there for a visit if you can). After all, you wouldn’t want to pay for something your dog doesn’t use!

Once you’ve found a daycare with the right style and class options, check their rates. Most places offer different prices for different services, so make sure to choose the one that best suits your needs. Price may be the most important factor, but please don’t overlook other things like safety. Unsafe conditions are not something you want your pooch to have to deal with, so if your chosen place doesn’t seem like the safest, keep searching!

Once you’ve settled on a place to send your dog, make sure to ask plenty of questions and get everything in writing. You don’t want to find out the hard way that your dog wasn’t supposed to have peanuts because he’ll have a deadly reaction. Ask about things like allergies, training, and any other rules unique to that daycare to make sure you know everything your pooch is and is not allowed to do while at daycare. Once you’ve read and re-read everything, ask if you can speak to a current client so you can hear their opinion of the daycare.

Whether it’s a doggy daycare center or just a place that takes dogs for day care while their owners are out, sending your dog there is a great way to keep them busy, active, socialized with other dogs (or puppies if they’re young), and more! As long as you do your research and pick a good place, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about! Send your dog off to play and know that he’ll be in good hands all day.

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