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The word “dogge” means “to speak”. It was used in ancient times to refer to a group of people who gathered together to exchange ideas or gossip. Today, it refers to a form of social interaction where people meet for conversation and share their thoughts with each other. The term is often applied to any informal gathering involving two or more individuals from different walks of life (e.g., friends, neighbors, relatives).

In the case of dogs, the term “dogge” is commonly used to refer to a group of people who gather together to show affection towards one another. Dogs are not usually seen as having human emotions like humans do; however they may display certain behaviors which resemble those of humans such as showing affection and responding in kind. The term “dogge” has been in use since at least the 16th century when it referred to a group of people who gathered around a fire.

Today, the word “dogge” is sometimes used to refer to a group of people who gather together for discussion purposes. However, this usage is not common and is considered incorrect by most dictionaries.


The Dogue de Bordeaux or Dogue de Bordeaux, is a breed of large dog that was bred to protect livestock, property, and people. It is a large dog that is powerful and has a gentle nature. It is also very loyal and obedient. The Dogue de Bordeaux is a descendant of the Mastiff type dogs. Records of these dogs can be found as early as the 13th century in Holland and England.

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