Droopy Eye Dog – A Guide To Ectropion A Common Eyelid Problem In Dogs

What Is Droopy Eye Dog?

Droopy eye dog is a common condition in dogs. It is caused due to the fact that they have an overgrowth of hair follicles at their eyelids. These hairs are not fully developed and do not produce enough tears to keep the eyeball moist. When these hairs get wet, it causes them to dry up and become drooped down. The drooping of the eyeball results in the loss of vision.

The most common cause of droopy eye is from a skin disease called keratoconus. Other causes include allergies, diabetes mellitus, and other diseases such as cancer or tumors.

Some breeds like dachshunds, pugs, huskies etc., are prone to develop this problem more than others.

Symptoms Of Droopy Eye Dog

Dogs with droopy eye dog will show different signs depending upon which part of the body they are affected. If the problem is in one area, then it may affect only that area.

For example if it affects just the eyelashes, then there won’t be any droopiness in those areas. However, if it affects both eyes, then you will see some droopiness all over your dog’s face.

These are some of the symptoms that you may experience with your dog if it has this condition:

Drooping eyelids

Runny eyes

Excessive tearing from the eye

Inflammation of the eye

Waxy build up over the eye’s surface

Inflammation and swelling around the eye area

Inability to see properly due to inflamed eyelid margins

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Diagnosing Droopy Eye Dog In Your Dog

Your veterinarian will carry out a clinical examination on your dog. It is important that you let your veterinarian know about all the symptoms so that the correct treatment can be given.

The most common diagnostic tests that will be carried out are :

Routine laboratory tests to rule out diabetes, kidney disease, and other general diseases.

Blood glucose control test.

A skin scraping to check for mites, fungal infections and other parasites.

Eye tests such as fluorescein staining, Gram staining and cytology to rule out other infectious diseases.

Treating Droopy Eye Dog

Droopy eye dog can be treated in different ways.

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