Fawn Pug Facts – The Pale Pug Color

Silver Pug Facts About Silver Fawn Pugs

The pale pug color is one of the most common pug colors. There are many reasons why it occurs. One reason is due to genetic mutation.

Another reason could be due to environmental factors such as diet or climate change. A third possibility could be due to a combination of all three causes. If you have ever seen a pale pug, then you probably know what I mean when I say “environmental factor”.

Pug owners often think that their pugs are pure white. They might even believe that they are silver. However, there is no scientific evidence proving whether these pugs actually have any silver in them or not.

So if your pug looks like it has some silver in it, then he isn’t really pure white!

There are two types of silver fawn pugs: brindle and solid black. Brindle pugs are usually lighter than the other two types. Some brindle pugs are so light that they look almost grayish-white.

Brindle Pug Facts About Silver Fawn Pugs

Some silver fawn pugs are known as “silver” because of their silver coat color. These pug breeds were originally bred to be used in the American Civil War. The name “pigtail” refers to the pigtails worn by these dogs during the war years.

They were also used as mascots for children working at the munitions factories during WWI. These dogs were in great demand, hence their name “war pug”.

The next time someone tells you that pugs are ugly, just remember that a lot of ugly things are actually quite beautiful. The silver pug is one such example. It might be so ugly that it’s cute.

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When looking at these dogs, you cannot help but feel affection for them. They look so cute. I think that’s one of the reasons why people love them so much.

The Pug is a breed of dog with a wrinkly, short-muzzled face and a curled tail. The breed has a fine, glossy coat that comes in black, fawn, or silver.

The origins of the Pug are not certain, however it is widely believed that they were brought over to Europe from China by the Dutch traders during the 16th century and became popular in royal circles.

Pugs were regarded as the official State Dog of the Dutch Republic since its birth. They were brought to the Netherlands due to a Royal Decree by Prince Maurits, the son of William I of Orange, who was highly impressed by these dogs displayed during the first Chinese Embassy to the Netherlands in 1684.

In later years, an influx of Pugs was brought into the United Kingdom from the Netherlands after it became popular among royalty. This caused a lot of Pug enthusiasts to breed and sell the dogs as pets among the upper class.

Pugs were especially popular among women, with Queen Victoria owning several Pugs and other members of the Royal Family keeping them as well. This has led to the misconception that Pugs were used as a lap dog for women, due to its small size and glossy coat.

However, as more people started to buy and breed Pugs for profit, many breeders only focused on breeding as many Pugs as possible, regardless of health or quality. This led to a lot of genetic issues with the breed, most especially with its breathing.

There are three types of Pugs, the Catalina (Originated in Spain), Mops (Believed to be the oldest type of Pug from China), and the Mongrel or Common Pug. Common Pugs are further divided into Classic, Barrel, and Apple Shaped. The most common type of Pug is the Common Barrel Pug, so that will be the one that we will focus on a little more.

Physical Attributes of the Common Barrel Pug

The Common Barrel Pug is a small sized dog with a barrel shaped body. It has a short neck, with 2D ears that are not too big and a tail that is curled upwards. It has a short, glossy coat that is found in black, fawn, or silver colors.

The Common Barrel Pug may suffer from a lot of health issues due to old age, but it is still an energetic dog that can run and play for short durations of time. They are pretty intelligent too, so they can be trained fairly easily.

The most prominent feature about the Common Barrel Pug is its snout, which is rather squashed looking. This is because of the heavy amount of wrinkles on their snout, which is caused by a lot of pressure on that region during its fetal development stage.

Because of this, Pugs often have breathing problems and are prone to overheating. Due to selective breeding for cuteness, a lot of these dogs also suffer from eye issues and dental problems.

In fact, a lot of Common Barrel Pugs have such bad dental issues that they can die from infections or even choking on food if their teeth are not kept clean. Common Barrel Pugs also suffer from joint problems and are prone to having arthritis when they get older.

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Due to the fact that they are so wrinkly, Common Barrel Pugs are prone to getting a lot of ear and eye infections in their early years. Common Barrel Pugs are also not very bright and it can be difficult to train them, although they are very affectionate dogs that like the attention.

Living with a Common Barrel Pug

How well you will get along with a Common Barrel Pug really depends on your lifestyle. If you lead a rather sedentary life and just want something to cuddle with while you watch TV or sleep, then a Common Barrel Pug would work out well for you.

While Common Barrel Pugs are pretty independent when it comes to things like eating and walking, they do need a certain amount of interaction to stay happy. This means that leaving them alone for long periods of time or not paying them a lot of attention on a daily basis will make them unhappy.

Common Barrel Pugs are very affectionate dogs and do well with older children who can be patient with them, although they don’t like to be left alone on a regular basis. They should not be around smaller animals as they will most likely see them as prey.

Common Barrel Pugs can live in an apartment if you go for a short walk every day. However, they do bark a lot and are prone to developing behavioral issues if they get bored, so leaving them in an apartment for long periods of time on a daily basis is not recommended unless you absolutely have to.

These dogs like to sleep a lot, but still need at least two walks and a couple of hours of your attention per day. You should also give them some play time too so they don’t get bored.

Common Barrel Pugs eat a lot, so be prepared to spend a bit on food for them. They also have some medical conditions that you will need to look out for, such as ear and eye infections.

Also, they have a tendency to get overweight very easily, so make sure you keep an eye on that and regulate their food intake. If you want a dog that is active when you are and prefers to sleep when you don’t, then the Common Barrel Pug is not for you.

Health Concerns

As we mentioned, Common Barrel Pugs suffer from a lot of medical conditions. They are prone to overheating due to their heavy coat, so take care in hot weather.

They can also get eye and ear infections quite easily so you will need to clean them regularly and keep on top of any medical issues they may develop. Dental cleaning and treatment is also necessary to keep their teeth in good condition.

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They are also prone to hip dysplasia and luxating patellas, so you will need to take them to the vet regularly to check for these conditions as early treatment could mean your Common Barrel Pug can live a normal life.

The average life span of a Common Barrel Pug is only around 8 years old, so you need to be prepared for the loss of your dog much earlier than longer-living breeds.

You also need to keep an eye on their weight and make sure they don’t get any fatter as this puts a lot of stress on their bodies and could be the cause of a number of health problems.

If you have any kids, you will also need to make sure that you keep them away from your Common Barrel Pug as they do not tolerate being teased or harassed in any way. They will not hesitate to nip or bite.

Their heavy coat means that they don’t do well in hot weather and they can’t sweat very well to cool themselves down. This makes them prone to overheat very quickly, so you should always be aware if the temperature is high and keep them indoors or somewhere with air conditioning.

If you do take your Common Barrel Pug on walks be prepared to carry a bottle of water with you.

Common Barrel Pugs are very loving to their owners, but they can also get bored and lonely if left alone for too long. If you have to leave your dog home alone for more than a few hours each day, then you should consider getting it a companion to keep it company.

The good news is that Common Barrel Pugs are very easy to train and learn new commands quickly, so they are a joy to take on walks or just play around with at home.

Common Barrel Pugs are also natural scavengers so if you have any leftovers around the house then they will probably find and eat them. It might be best to keep them out of the kitchen if you have expensive meals sitting around.

They are also natural entertainers and will keep you laughing with their quirky antics. They love to play around and get involved in whatever you are doing. If you are sitting down they will try to jump on your lap, if you are standing then they will try to be as close to you as possible and if you are lying down then they will snuggle up next to you.

This is one of the things that makes them such an excellent pet for people who suffer from depression or loneliness. They are always ready to play or snuggle up and be close by, so they are great for overcoming social isolation.

If you are looking for a dog that is lively and playful then the Common Barrel Pug might be perfect for you. They are very friendly and will always want to be around you or playing.

If you have any free time then you can be sure that your Common Barrel Pug will want to fill it by engaging in some sort of activity with you. These dogs are very smart and will learn new tricks quickly or how to perform some sort of amusing activity.

It’s a good idea to have some toys around for them as they enjoy playing games and puzzles and they especially love food so getting them to do tricks is easy if you have something yummy as a reward.

Fawn Pug Facts – The Pale Pug Color - from our website

Remember though, that if you do have a high energy dog like a Common Barrel Pug, then you need to find ways of releasing all that built up energy or they are more likely to get themselves into trouble by chewing furniture or barking constantly.

If you take the time to train your Common Barrel Pug properly then they should behave well around other people and animals. They are very friendly and even though they look tough, any stranger is usually greeted with a wagging tail.

Common Barrel Pugs are a great choice of pet if you live in an apartment, but take a little more effort if you have a large house as they like to mark their territory by spraying small amounts of urine everywhere.

It’s very easy to train them not to do this, but it does take a lot of patience and consistency on your part. Make sure you take your Common Barrel Pug for regular walks so they can enjoy running around and relieving themselves outside.

These dogs are natural scavengers and will put anything they find in their mouth to see what it tastes like. Make sure that you keep all your foodstuff away from prying eyes, especially things like grapes and raisins which can be eaten by humans but are toxic to dogs.

Common Barrel Pugs are not very loud and don’t bark a lot, but they do have a loud shrill cry which they let out if they are hurt, excited or upset. You probably don’t want your pug waking the whole block with its continuous barking so it’s best to train it to learn not to do this.

The Common Barrel Pug originates in a mixture of several Western Islands. It gets its name from its barrel shaped body which is wider than it is long.

It has been used as a guard dog on some of the islands it comes from, but is mostly kept as an amusing pet by people who live there.

Make no bones about it, the Common Barrel Pug is a unique looking dog that will definitely attract attention from passers-by. Its unusual appearance and lovably cute nature make it appealing and fun to be around.

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