Female Labrador – Caring For Her From Puppyhood To Adulthood

Female Labradors Have Periods!

The female Labrador puppy has period from birth to one year old. She will have her first period when she is around three months old. She may or may not go through another cycle during the next six months until she reaches eight years of age.

Some females don’t have their second cycle till they are ten years old.

The reason why female Labradors have periods is because they are ovulating at all times. When they are not ovulating, they are not fertile. They cannot get pregnant.

So it makes sense that if they were able to conceive naturally then there would be no need for them to menstruate. However, it doesn’t always work out like that and sometimes females do experience pregnancy without having their cycles start again after a period ends.

When a female Labrador puppy gets older, she begins to lose her reproductive capabilities. At this point, she becomes sterile. She is unable to reproduce any longer and cannot produce puppies anymore.

She may still give birth though so she does not become infertile permanently.

A female Labrador’s life span starts decreasing when she reaches 8 years of age. Some may even die earlier because of the decline in health.

Labrador Females Have No Testicles!

The female Labradors do not have either of their reproductive organs. They do not have any ovaries or a uterus either. The Female Labrador does not have testicles either.

Female Labrador – Caring For Her From Puppyhood To Adulthood - from our website

She has no testicles or scrotum.

Females acquire all of their traits from their mothers. Their gender is decided by the mother, and they are born female.

Labrador Females That Do Not Have Their Periods!

Some female Labradors do not have periods. This is because they are spayed. A lot of owners choose to get their female puppies spayed in order to avoid reproduction.

If they want more puppies, they can always breed the dog later when she is older.

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