French Bulldog Colors – All The Colors A Frenchie Can Have

French Bulldog Colors: All The Colors A Frenchie Can Have!

The French bulldogs are a breed of dog that originated from France. They have been bred since the 18th century and they were first registered in England in 1780. Today there are over 3 million French Bulldogs living all around the world. Their popularity is increasing worldwide due to their friendly nature, loyalty, and good temperaments.

There are many different types of Frenchies. There are the standard type (the most popular), the toy bulldogs, and then there are the show dogs. The standard type is usually a smaller version of what you would see in a pet store. These dogs come in various colors such as black, chocolate brown, red, white, and so forth. Some even come with fancy names like “Bastard” or “Blackie”.

Toy bulldogs are slightly larger than standard type, but still smaller than a miniature poodle. They come in several colors such as pink, yellow, orange, green and so forth. Show dogs tend to be bigger than toy bulls and toy bulls tend to be larger than show dogs.

These breeds vary greatly in size and coloring. You will probably never meet another one of these beautiful creatures. Here are some of the different types of French Bulldogs:

Fawn – The fawn appears golden brown (fawn actually means this color). These dogs range in size from standard to toy and the females are usually smaller than the males. They do very well living in apartments or living with other dogs, but for some reason they don’t do that well around small children. While these dogs have a reputation of being hyperactive or stubborn, this is not always the case.

Brindle – A brindle appears brownish with black stripes going down their back or black strips with brown streaks on their sides. They also range in size from standard to toy. They are usually very friendly around other dogs and people, but they can be a bit aloof if not properly trained and socialized. They tend to have a lot of energy and need room to run.

Blue – A blue is dark blue, black, gray, or a mixture of these colors. They can be either a standard, toy, or a mix between the two. As with most types of bulldogs they have a reputation of not getting along well with small children, but this is not always the case. These dogs are very protective and makes excellent watchdogs.

Fawn and White – A fawn and white is a fawn covered by white markings. These can range from being just white on the feet to being almost completely white. Other than the obvious coloring, these dogs are no different than any other types of bulldogs.

French Bulldog Colors – All The Colors A Frenchie Can Have - | Dog Puppy Site

Brindle and White – A brindle and white appears to have black stripes covering a fawn (or yellow) body. They range in size as with most other types of bulldogs. These too, can be either friendly or unfriendly around other dogs and people. These should not be trusted with children as they have a tendency to be aloof or unfriendly towards them.

Pied – A pied is a mix of black, white, and yellow covering the body. The amount of white can range from a little to almost completely white (the more white usually indicates that the dog is older). These dogs are prone to deafness and have a reputation for being aloof.

With the great diversity of these dogs, it is no wonder that they are one of the most popular breeds in the United States. While they do require a lot of attention and exercise, most owners find them to be lovable and entertaining companions.

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