German Shepherd Training And Activities – Keeping Clever Dogs Entertained

German Shepherds are very intelligent dogs. They have a strong instinct to hunt and they enjoy it immensely. But there are some things which make them less than perfect pets: their small size, their short legs, their tendency to bark a lot when excited or scared and so on…

The most common problem with these dogs is boredom. You want your dog to be able to do something interesting all the time; you don’t want him bored out of his mind!

But what if you could teach your dog to entertain himself? What if you could train him to play tricks, chase mice, jump over hurdles and other such fun activities?

If you can do that, then your dog will not only be happier but he’ll also learn a lot faster.

You might think that playing tricks would be difficult since dogs aren’t known for being clever. However, there are many different types of tricks and even more variations of each trick. There are also different ways to perform each trick. For example, jumping over a hurdle involves several steps and you need to use both hands while doing it. So the first step might be done with one hand and the second with another.

Then you switch hands again and start from the beginning. This way you’re always switching between two hands during the trick.

Another type of tricks involve using your feet instead of your hands, like climbing up a ladder or sliding down a slide.

Next, we shall talk about the most popular tricks.

1.Jumping over a bar: This is the trick where you make your dog jump over something small like a bar or a broom stick. This is very easy to train since all you need to do is practice and reward him every time he gets it right. You can also try it with bigger and bigger objects until your dog can jump over anything you point out to him.

2.Rolling over: This is a trick where the dog rolls over onto his back. This may sound stupid but dogs seem to like this since they do it naturally when they’re happy. To train this all you have to do is reward him when he rolls over and make sure to give him a reason to roll over, like a treat or petting him.

3.Shaking paws: This is a trick where you teach the dog to shake your hand when he meets you. To do this, hold out your hand and ask him to shake. When he does, reward and praise him. You can also try offering a treat instead of praise.

4.Sitting up: This is a trick where you teach the dog to sit up straight without support. This is usually done on command and is often used in performances. To train this, hold a treat above the dogs head so he lifts his head up to try to eat it. Slowly move it upwards until he is sitting up and then give him the treat.

5.Rolling X: This trick is a combination of rolling over and rolling X. To do this, have the dog roll over on command. When he does, make an X-like shape with your arms and tell him to roll over it. As he rolls, guide him with your hands so he ends up in the middle and reward him when he does it right.

These are just some of the basic tricks you can train your dog to do. There are many more and you should try to find one which suits you and your dog best.

How to survive if you get lost in the woods

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You are hiking through a forest which is far away from any towns or roads. You and your friends wanted an adventure far away from the city so you could feel more free but right now you are regretting the decision. It started to get dark hours ago and you’re completely lost without a phone or any navigation tools.

What would you do?

Firstly, stop. Sit down and don’t do anything for a while. Think carefully. Observe your surroundings carefully and try to remember the route you took. You should have something to write with. Use a piece of wood to scratch a note on a nearby tree.

Use signs to indicate the direction of any nearby towns or cities. For example, if you look back and see a mountain to your left then scratch a symbol for ‘North’ since that’s the direction of the mountain. If you can see an elevated highway to the right then draw a symbol for ‘West’. Search the ground carefully so you don’t miss anything.

Once you think you have a fair idea of the direction of the roads or towns, set off walking towards it.

Tip: In some parks, you might find rows of stones. These are called ‘Aboriginal markers’ and were used by ancient aboriginal people to show routes or mark areas for hunting or camping. These can be used for navigation in the same way that the trees were but they are less likely to move.

These parks are popular camping spots so there is a higher chance of finding some abandoned campfire equipment like a sharp knife or a rusty can which could be turned into a container for water. There is also a slightly higher chance of finding some firewood but it will more than likely be wet.

What to do if you find yourself in a bear attack

A bear is a large plant eating mammal which can be found in North America, Asia and Europe. There are three types of bears. These are the:

There are no attacks by bears in Australia since there aren’t any native bears there. The deadliest bear is the Kodiak bear.

What to do if you are attacked by a bear

Run! If you can, try and run away from the bear since it is less likely to chase you if it has never noticed you before and is not hungry at that moment.

If the bear continues to chase you then you are probably going to have to fight it.

What you need to have with you before you set off hiking:

1. A knife or a long spear to stab it with since it is likely that you will suffer many bites and scratches while fighting the bear.

The knife needs to be very sharp since a normal blade won’t work very well on such tough skin.

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2. Something to put the bears attention off you.

To do this you could:

A) Throw stones at it.

B) Spray it with hot sauce or pepper spray (if you’re brave enough)

C) Run up to it and punch it in the eyes.

The first two options are safer but the last one might work just as well. Bears aren’t used to things which are not prey acting in this way so it should at least make it pause for a second.

If you are fighting the bear yourself then you should be careful!

It is a lot stronger than you are and will almost certainly win but there are some things you can do.

1. Don’t run unless you have too since it is harder for the bear to attack you if it is moving and you are not.

2. Try to aim for its eyes or nose since this is its weakest areas.

3. If you are injured, try not to panic.

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Adrenaline can give you a limited amount of super strength so you might be able to escape if the bear grabs you.

4. Try to find something to use as a shield if you can.

The bears bite is its strongest weapon so if you can stop it from using that then it is weakened a lot.

But remember, no matter what happens, you should never play dead since this encourages the bear to continue attacking.

Good luck!

How to survive a sea storm

If you are not in a boat, read the “How to survive a desert” section since most of it applies to you.

But lets say you are in a boat and have been caught out in one of the seafaring storms which terrorize some parts of the world. If you were out on the ocean when this storm hit then there is little you could do except try to get to land.

The good thing about being out at sea is that there are plenty of fish near the surface which you can catch and the fish tend to get stunned by the electrical activity in the storm so they are an easy catch. Make sure you have a way to light up your surroundings or put up a sail since it will be dark.

The thing you have to worry about most are the other boats. In bad weather most people either stay in harbor or lie as far upriver as they can. This means there will be a lot of boats in the same place as you. The other boats will also be small and not designed for the rough sea so they will be smashed around a lot more than yours.

You need to either try to steer away from other boats or steer towards them since they will most likely be going through the storm without a captain and will act as a magnet for each other. Of course, if you do this then you are in real danger of hitting another boat so you need to keep a constant eye on your surroundings and try to move away before you get close enough to be smashed up against another boat.

Another thing you might want to do is to coat your boat with either blood or resin. This will make it slightly less prone to water damage and help you stay afloat if you are holed since water won’t get inside as easily.

If your boat springs a leak then you need to find the source of the water damage and fix it. You can either bail out the water by scooping it out with your hands (this is exhausting) or get some sort of container to collect the water in, like a bucket. If you have sail, raise it and try to move towards land since the wind will help you along.

If you have nothing to fix the hole with then you need to get your clothes off and wrap yourself in them since this will act as a temporary patch. If you have nothing to bail the water out with, you will just have to sit in a puddle and try not to move around too much since any motion makes your boat more prone to sinking.

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Finally, if you are hurt then do not do anything to aggravate the wound. Try not to move at all since any movement can make your boat sink faster. Lie still and wait for help or try to move towards land since there will be people there who can help. Remember, unless you get out of the boat fast then you are in danger of sinking!

You send the information to Mr. Burke and he replies instantly.


Burke: I trust you have a way out of there?

You: I’m working on it. I can try swimming if the water is shallow enough or I can try building a raft.

Mr. Burke: Either way, get the information and get out of there. Don’t mess around!

You: Got it.

You have two main options on how to proceed. The first one is the swimming option.

Swimming option

As you swim, you keep your hands in front of you at all times so you can feel for any obstacles in the water or even the water’s edge if you are lucky.

The water is cold but not freezing so it is probably safe to swim. Still, you are not a strong swimmer so you don’t know how far you will get or if a current will drag you away. You also have no way of protecting yourself from any dangerous sea creatures that might be lurking about. Finally, you have no idea how long the water is since you either need to swim until you reach land or hope that there is a boat floating somewhere out there that you can board.

You can also build a raft. It will not be big but it will keep you afloat and, assuming you use any fallen trees nearby, should be fairly easy to construct as well.

You have decided what your plan of action is going to be now. Tell me the option you want to go with.

Option One: You are going to swim to shore. This option is a lot riskier but has the advantage of being faster than building a raft.

Option Two: You are going to build a raft. This option is slightly safer but will take longer than swimming.

Well, it is decision time! Tell me your choice and we will go from there.

German Shepherd Training And Activities – Keeping Clever Dogs Entertained -

Option One: You decide to swim to shore. The water is freezing cold but it isn’t too bad until you realize that the current has dragged you further out to sea than you wanted to be. You tread water for a while and even try to fight the current by paddling towards where you think the shore should be but the current is powerful and eventually you start to get really cold.

Eventually, you are so cold and exhausted that you stop fighting the current and let yourself be taken where ever it wants to take you. You might be making water land eventually or you might just end up spinning in circles until you die from exposure.

Surprised that you are dead, considering how hard it seems to be to die here?

This isn’t fair to you after all the risks you took to acquire this information for Mr. Burke! Granted, you do actually receive a little help from the current every now and then but the point is that you are not in total control of your own fate here. See, this is what can happen when you make stupid decisions. Live and learn, I guess.

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