German Shepherd Yorkie Mix: When Little Meets Large

German Shepherd Yorkie Mix: When Little Meets Large?

A little girl was walking with her father when she saw a small dog coming from behind some bushes. She didn’t recognize it at first but then recognized it as a German shepherd. Her dad asked her what kind of dog it was and she replied that it looked like one, but couldn’t tell because its fur wasn’t white!

The next day the same girl came back home and told her parents that she had seen a strange looking dog yesterday. They thought it was just another stray dog until they found out that it was a real German shepherd. The family named him “Little Me” after the girl’s name. A few days later, the boy went to school and talked about how he met Little Me there.

His classmates were amazed by this story and called him “Little Me”.

Soon other children started talking about their own encounters with Little Me. People began calling him “Me” or “Lil’ Me”, which soon became popular too. Soon people all over the town knew his name and he was famous throughout the whole town!

One day a man came into your house and asked if you wanted to adopt Little Me. You said no, so he left without saying anything else. Later that night you woke up to a knock on your door. You opened the door to find Little Me outside.

From then on, Little Me was your dog!

I hope you enjoyed my story! I had a lot of fun writing it! Just tell me if you want to hear more stories like this one!

The City Hall is located at the intersection of Main and Elm Street. You can get there by taking the number 3 bus which stops right in front of the building. Once you reach there you need to go to room 12B for your meeting with the mayor. Good luck!

Friendship is a strong bond between two or more people. It involves an acceptance of one’s peers and trust. There is a saying that goes “A man is known by the company he keeps”. This means that you can find out what kind of person someone is by looking at the friends they have.

Good friends are easier to come by than one might think. You just need to find common interests. A good place to make friends is at school. There are so many different types of people in school, that it is easy to find at least one person you have something in common with.

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This page contains a general description of all the characters in “Machigai naki Shoukai Shimasu”.

1. Main character, is a high school freshman.

She’s a little bit shy but can be outgoing at times, she doesn’t take compliments well though.She likes to read books especially novels and she enjoys listening to J-pop music. Her favorite food is anything with chocolate.

2. Yuki is the main character’s best friend.

She is a soft-spoken girl but can be loud and outspoken at times. She is usually the one who calms down the main character whenever she gets too exited. Her drawing skills are impressive, she loves all types of music but her favorite type is jazz. Her favorite food is pasta.

3. Keiji is the main character’s childhood friend, they have been friends since their early childhood.

He is always trying to be more than just friends with the main character. He has a habit of getting too involved in games that cause him to do crazy things, like the time when they were little and he covered himself entirely in honey and wore a cardboard bee costume and chased the main character because she took his Pokemon card. His favorite food is anything spicy.

4. Yosuke is the main character’s classmate.

He has a habit of immediately speaking his mind even when it might be rude. He’s a pretty big pervert and loves to look at photos of girls, but he has never had a girlfriend before. His favorite type of food is pizza.

5. Sayaka is the main character’s classmate.

She has a very optimistic outlook on everything and always sees the good side of things. She used to get perfect marks in every subject but as she entered high school, she decided to not worry so much about her grades and just take things at her own pace. Her favorite type of food is anything chocolate.

German Shepherd Yorkie Mix: When Little Meets Large - Dog Puppy Site

6. Mina is the main character’s classmate.

She is a cheerleader and can be a little ditsy at times. She is a bit on the clumsy side, but that doesn’t stop her from being perky. Her favorite color is anything that sparkles. Her favorite type of food is candy.

These are the main characters of “Machigai naki Shoukai Shimasu”, the game I am translating. Each one has their own personality and tastes. Please look forward to getting to know them all!

Aishite Imasu is a Japanese website that hosts various visual novels that you can play online for free. You can find the link to the website here . I stumbled upon this website when I was searching up information on the upcoming Sweet Pool game ( ダグ&キリルの水辺の物語 ) since it’s getting released next month. I didn’t know this, but apparently it’s the website where this image comes from.

I guess it makes sense since the image is on the Aishite Imasu website and that image came from a Key game. The games on this website are made by an company called UNDEAD that seems to be under the parent company 05th Lakes Inc . ( 05th深重株式会社 ) . They seem to be a pretty big company since they have other games outside of the Visual Novel genre, but based on their website they mainly focus on it.


The first game on Aishite Imasu is called “Machigai naki Shoukai Shimasu”. It is listed as having four characters: 1 main character and 3 heroines. The main character is the one you choose and the heroines consist of Keiji, Keiji, and… Keiji. I looked up information on this game since it seems to be the most popular one on the website and this is all the information I can find on it.

The heroines all have their own sprites, but their faces are blurred out. Their names are in Japanese, so I can only guess what they say. (The name “Keiji” is a really common name in Japan, so that doesn’t help much). I looked up an image of all four characters and the main character looks like a teenage boy with short brown hair. The three heroines all look exactly the same except their hair is different. The one with black hair seems to be in the front.

There is very little information on this game beyond what is listed and the fact that there are four characters (including the main). I guess that’s all the information that’s out there since it hasn’t even been released yet.

Machigai naki Shoukai Shimasu was released on July 10, 2013. It is priced at ¥1,500 (around $20 USD). As of this writing, there are 100 CDs left. (Of course, that will change as more people buy the game after people start streaming and translating it.)

I was thinking about buying this game to translate and stream for you all, but I really can’t justify spending that much money for a single game to translate for you all. Besides, there are only four characters and really only three heroine spots since Keiji is a guy (as far as I know). I know some of you might think “Just buy it and see how it goes”, but I’m pretty sure the game is really obscure and doesn’t get a lot of attention since it’s brand new. If I bought the game and it didn’t catch on, I’d feel really bad since I bought the game for nothing.

So, should I get the game or not?

Let me know your thoughts on this and if you want me to get the game, I’ll see what I can do.

Current Pot (as of July 23, 2013): $26.05

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