Great Pyrenees – A Complete Guide To The Beautiful Mountain Breed

Great Pyrenese – A Complete Guide To The Beautiful Mountain Breed

The Great Pyrenees are one of the most beautiful breeds of dogs. They have a very distinctive appearance with their long hair and tall stature. These dogs were originally bred to guard sheep from predators such as wolves or mountain lions.

However, they are now used for many different purposes including herding livestock, guarding livestock and even working in mines where they dig tunnels for miners to travel through safely.

They are known for their loyalty and love of family. They are loyal to their families and will not leave them alone unless it is absolutely necessary. Their intelligence makes them good watchdogs, but they do need training if they want to work effectively in a mine environment.

Great Pyrenes make excellent companions for children since they tend to be friendly towards kids, but also enjoy playing with other puppies and young dogs.

As mentioned above, the Great Pyrenees are also known for their ability to chew. They usually chew on things that cause pain like nails, metal bars or even each other when bored. When they are excited they may also start biting and scratching at anything around them.

If you ever see a Great Pyrenees chewing on something then chances are there is some sort of problem with teeth health.

Shedding is also a major problem with these dogs. I recommend brushing them at least once a week to make sure they don’t shed all over the place and making your carpets and furniture completely useless. Their grooming will also help prevent certain skin conditions caused by fur matting.

Some other common issues with these dogs are obesity related health problems like joint issues, respiratory issues and even heart disease.

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