Great Pyrenees Temperament – Learn More About This Big Breed

Great Pyrenees Temperament: What’s Good And Bad About This Dog?

The Great Pyrenees is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They are known for their loyalty, love of family and being very affectionate with everyone they meet. However, there are some issues which make them less than ideal pets. For example, these include:

They have a tendency to bite if provoked or frightened.

Their coat tends to get matted and tangled up when left out in the sun too long.

They tend to bark at strangers and other animals.

If you’re looking for a friendly dog, but don’t want any of those health concerns mentioned above, then the Great Pyrenees might just be right for you! If not, well…you’ll probably still have plenty of fun with your new best friend!

What Makes A Great Pyrenees So Special?

In general, the Great Pyrenees is considered to be a “barking” breed. That means that they bark a lot and it may bother others around them. Their barking isn’t always bad though; sometimes it’s even cute! But if you do decide to own one of these dogs, make sure you keep him/her quiet! Otherwise, they could become destructive and possibly hurt someone else in the process.

The Great Pyrenees can grow to be over three feet in height and up to 150 pounds in weight. In fact, some of these dogs have been known to weigh as much as 200 pounds! Due to this huge size, these animals need plenty of space to move around in. Otherwise, they can become depressed and even mad!

As for their temperament, in general Great Pyrenees are very protective of their owners. As long as you’re nice to them, then they’ll almost certainly be nice to you. But, if you’re threatening in any way, they will most definitely let you know how they feel about it. It’s best to just avoid this breed if your personality tends to be on the aggressive side.

In addition, you’ll need to make sure that they have been trained enough, otherwise you could have a “house broken” dog on your hands!

Now, the Great Pyrenees may seem pretty intimidating. They have a large, powerful body and a big mouth. In addition to that, they have a loud bark that could scare away almost any would-be burglars. However, this breed is still very good natured.

They will play with children of all ages and get along well with other dogs too. Just be careful if you own another pet and it decides to attack your Great Pyrenees!

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One thing you must know is that these animals are very protective. If you or a family member is in any kind of danger, the dog will most likely bark at the intruder. As sad as it sounds, these dogs were actually used as guard dogs in the past. They may also chase away small animals that happen to wander onto your property.

On the plus side, this makes them good watchdogs!

How To Train A Great Pyrenees

Now we get to the fun part of owning a pet; training! The Great Pyrenees can be trained to obey your commands like a well-oiled machine. It’s all about repetition, time and being consistent. Before you begin proper training, you need to establish yourself as the Alpha.

The best way to do this is to…well, become the Alpha! Start off by bringing your dog a favorite treat. Hold it in your hand and allow the dog to smell and drool over it. Once this has happened, place your other hand (the one that’s empty) over the hand that’s holding the treat. This will block the dog from reaching the treat. Now, say “sit” in a firm voice. It may take a few tries, but your dog should eventually sit. Once this happens, give them the treat and praise them for their obedience! If the dog doesn’t follow your command, repeat the process until it does.

Now that you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to train your dog for real! The first thing you need to do is establish some rules. For example, you should decide on a specific place where your dog can “go to the bathroom”. Once they start to get older, you’ll have to take them to this spot whenever you come back inside.

However, until then you can just take them to a specific area of your yard or driveway. It’s also a good idea to decide on a specific feeding schedule and how much food they’ll be eating on a daily basis.

With these two things out of the way, you can begin proper training. The first order of business is teaching your dog its name. Dogs like familiarity, so you need to make sure that yours can recognize its name whenever you call it. The best way to do this is by simply repeating its name in a cheery voice whenever you’re interacting with it.

After a month or two of this, your dog should be able to recognize its name whenever you call it. Once this happens, you can begin proper training!

The next order of business is teaching your dog to obey simple commands like “sit”, “down”, “stay”, and “come”. You’ve already got the first one down, so the others will be a breeze! All you have to do is establish a routine. For the next month or two, you’ll need to spend some time training your dog.

Do this at least once a day and make sure to be enthusiastic and repetitive. If you do this every day for a few weeks straight, your dog should be well-behaved enough to not cause too much trouble around the house.

After the first few weeks have come and gone, your dog should be well on its way to being a model citizen. Provided that you continue to train it consistently, it shouldn’t be too much trouble to keep it well-behaved. Just make sure that you don’t stop training or things will quickly start falling apart! Remember, dogs are like babies.

If you give them attention and care regularly, they’ll behave themselves. If you ignore them however, they’ll run wild.

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Once your dog has grown up a little and is able to control itself, it’ll be time for you to train it to fight. Now, unlike the training you’ll be doing now, fighting requires a little more intense and specialized routines. You can’t teach your dog how to properly tackle an enemy or how to defend itself on your own. For that, you’re going to need a professional.

Fortunately, the local town of Silent Cloud should have one. Whenever there’s trouble with a monster attack or a demon sighting, the local militia always sends for a “Hunter”. These are men and women that have experienced the cruelty of the demon world first hand and have learned to kill these creatures long before the Church even knew they existed. With their knowledge and experience, they’ll be able to train your dog in the art of combat.

Nowadays however, Hunters make their living by taking on “contracts”. For a price, they’ll accompany anyone that needs help fighting demons. For the work they do, the Church gives a small portion of the money to the Hunter’s Guild, which helps to fund their operations.

You could pay for the contract on your own, but it’s probably going to be cheaper with friends or classmates. If you can get a few of them to pool their money together with yours, you’ll be able to afford a Hunter easily. However, this presents a new problem. You know very few people in the area and are only familiar with two of them.

The first is a girl named Amelia that you met at the entrance ceremony for your school and again during registration. The second is Kyle, the boy that sat next to you in your first class.

It’s up to you which one you want to try to get to help you.

Do you want to try to get in touch with Amelia first or Kyle?


+Amelia and the Crazy Girl\

“What!?” Amelia exclaims when you ask if she wants to go into business with you. This isn’t a good start, but you plow ahead anyway.

“I’m saying that the three of us should go into business together,” you repeat. “

You know those guys who have little gangs in town? The ones that basically run all the illegal gambling, brothels and alcohol sales?

Well if we pool our money together, we could get our own Hunter to take out a contract and start making a profit.”


We’re going to be thugs?”


“I thought we were trying to go straight,” she says shaking her head.

“I never said straight as in good, I said straight as in not breaking laws. We would be breaking laws by selling alcohol without a license or running a brothel. We’d be just as illegal as those other guys.”

“But we wouldn’t be hurting anyone.”

Does it matter?

Really, it’s not like we’re hurting anyone except the people visiting our establishment and they’re going to be drunk or horny when they do it. It’s not our fault if they make poor life choices.”

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“…I really don’t know about this,” she says uncertainly.

You roll your eyes and grab her by the shoulders. You look into her eyes and say,

“We can’t take anything that people don’t leave behind. We don’t hurt anyone. We’re not stealing from anyone directly. Think about it like this.

The militia needs to pay for things right?

Well, we’re just providing a service that they need. The townspeople need someone to do the dirty work that they don’t want to do or are unwilling to do. That’s us. We’re providing a necessary service and we’re getting compensated fairly for it.

Does that not sound okay?”

“I suppose…”

“Great! So as I was saying, the three of us pool our money to hire a Hunter. We should be able to get some kid just out of training. It’s still dangerous, but it’s the safest job a Hunter can do, so it’ll be cheap and this way there’s a decent chance they won’t try to steal from us.

We give them a cut of our profits and everyone is happy. Over time we can save up and get a contract on our own or just raise the prices. It’ll be good, you’ll see.”

She looks into your eyes for a moment and you get the impression she’s searching for any sign that you’re lying or hiding something, but you keep a straight face and earnest expression. After a while she sighs and says,

“I guess it couldn’t hurt. I’m in, but one condition. I pick the Hunter.”

You nod your head in agreement before saying,

“Perfect! Okay well I guess I better go see if Kyle wants in, since he’s probably got the most money saved up. I’ll be right back.”

You walk to Kyle who is currently talking with a few of his buddies. He seems happy enough to see you when you approach.

Great Pyrenees Temperament – Learn More About This Big Breed - Picture

Hey man, what’s up? You need something?”

he asks.

“As a matter of fact I was hoping you could help me with something…”

Ten minutes later…

“Oh come on!” Kyle says in exasperation. “

Why do we need an extra guy?

You and I can take care of this easy.”

“Because it’s safer and more profitable for everyone involved if we have a team.

Look, the more people we have, the faster the job gets done right?

That means less danger for everyone and we get out quicker. There’s three of us so we can still cut cards for who goes in first.”

“I dunno about this…” Kyle says as he bites his lip. You can almost see the anxiety rising through him as his fingers twitch.

“I think I’m good on going in by myself or with you. If you want to bring in some extra guy that’s on you though. I’m out.”

Kyle turns to walk away and you’re now forced with a decision.

“Hey wait!” you say grabbing his shoulder, but he shrugs you off.

“Don’t bother man. I’m done. See ya.”

You stand in shock for a moment before remembering that you have two more people you can get help from. You run to catch up to Kyle who’s already a few yards away.

Great Pyrenees Temperament – Learn More About This Big Breed -

“Hey wait, Kyle! I really need your help on this, man. It’ll be really profitable, I promise.”

Kyle sighs, but stops walking to address you.

“Look, if it’ll stop you from pestering me, then fine. Tell me the plan and if it sounds good to me, then I’ll help. If not, well I’m going to go find something else to do.”

“Really! Thank you, man. Thank you. So like I said you pick two more guys and I’ll figure out arrangements with them.”

Kyle pulls out a cigarette and lights it before saying,

“I dunno who though and I still don’t like this.

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