Harlequin Great Dane – The Truth Behind Their Amazing Coat

The Facts About Merle Great Danes:

Merle dogs are rare breeds of dog with one gene which causes them to have a white coat. They are not considered as a breed because they were bred from purebred dogs, but rather it was only after their appearance became so distinctive that they gained the status of being recognized as a separate breed.

They are known for having a white coat, which is caused by two different genes. One gene makes the hair light brown while another gene causes the hair to turn completely black. There are other varieties of merles such as chocolate, red, and even cream merle.

There are many types of merle dogs. Some merle dogs have a lighter color on their coats while others have a darker color. A few merles are very similar to each other in terms of coloring, whereas some merles vary greatly in their appearances.

Some merle dogs do not show any signs of the condition until adulthood or later, while others may develop the same symptoms at an early age. For example, some Merle Great Danes do not show any signs of having the merle gene until adulthood. Some do not even develop it at all. On the other hand, some puppies which have merle parents may show signs of merling as early as a few weeks old.

The merle coloring is one of the most important and common patterns seen in dogs. It is most commonly seen in dogs but it can be seen in other animals such as horses too.

Why You Should Get a Merle Great Dane

Great Danes are one of the most popular breeds in the world. They are known for their size, intelligence and loyalty. They have a reputation as gentle giants. Great Danes are generally healthy dogs but like any dog they are prone to certain health issues as they age.

One of these issues is deafness.

Deafness in dogs is common and is probably caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Unfortunately, merle dogs are particularly prone to congenital deafness. Merle Great Danes are generally not recommended because they may be born with severely impaired hearing or even total deafness.

If you still want a merle Great Dane despite the risk of deafness, there are a few things you should know before you get one.

Harlequin Great Dane – The Truth Behind Their Amazing Coat - at DogPuppySite

You will need to get your dog genetically tested soon after you get it. The tests are cheap to do and easily available over the internet. You should also get your dog ear-tested regularly. This is important so you can identify hearing problems early and seek treatment as soon as possible.

If your dog does turn out to be deaf, this shouldn’t stop you from loving it or training it. Deaf dogs can still live happy fulfilling lives if trained properly.

Remember, there’s always a risk when breeding a dog and while merles seem to be particularly vulnerable to congenital deafness, not all of them will be affected by it. If you do want to get a merle Great Dane, make sure you find a good breeder and never get a dog just because it has a merle coat. Make sure you see proof that both of its parents were tested for hearing problems before you make your final decision.

3 July 2018

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Giant George a.k.a the “The World’s Biggest Dog” passed away earlier this week. He was listed by the Guinness World Records as the world’s tallest dog ever after measuring an amazing 3 ft 7 in from foot to shoulder.

His owners, David and Robin Flynn from Tucson, Arizona, said that he died on Monday at the age of five.

George weighed 7st 4lb (50kg) and was exactly three times the size of a normal dog of his breed when fully-grown. His head was the size of a watermelon.

The world’s previous biggest dog, also a Great Dane, was another called Zeus from Colorado who died last year aged just six.

George went on to become a minor celebrity after starring in his own feature-length movie and having a limited line of merchandise including a special line of giant-sized doggie coats. He also made appearances at parties and charity events where he would sit on people’s laps.

His owners say George had been suffering from a tumor on his spine and it had begun to paralyze him over the past few months. They decided to have him put down on Monday afternoon.

You can read our profile of George from last year here.

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