Havanese vs Maltese – Which Long Haired Lap Dog Is Best For You

Havanese or Maltipoo?

There are many types of dogs, but there is only one type which is considered as “best” breed: Labrador Retriever. They have been bred for centuries to work together in teams. These dogs are known as “Labradors”. There are other breeds like Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers etc., but they do not possess the same working abilities as Labradors.

The word “havanese” comes from the Arabic word “haaval”, meaning “to run”. The name was given because these dogs are long haired and very agile. They are affectionate and loving with their owners. Some of them have even been known to lick your face! They make great family pets, but they need some training to become good guard dogs.

Their intelligence makes them excellent companions too.

Maltipoos or Shih Tzus?

These dogs were originally developed in China. They are called “Shih Tzu” (Chinese: 明蟲; pinyin: Zhūshì) in Chinese. The original form of these dogs was a small, white dog with black markings. However, over time the original shape changed into a short and stocky dog with light brown fur. These dogs are very popular among celebrities. They are loyal and loving to their owners, but can be snappy towards strangers. They do not make good guard dogs, but they are good watchdogs. Their small size makes them easy to handle for their owners.

You have decided to get a dog: What kind of breed do you want?

There are many things that you need to consider before choosing the right breed. The first thing you must do is decide why you want a dog.

Is it for security? Is it for fun, or companionship? Or are you looking for a dog that is very active and playful?

If you want a more energetic dog, go for a Labrador Retriever, a Border Collie or a Golden Retriever. If you are looking for a more lazy dog, the Bullmastiff, the St. Bernard or the Basset Hound would be a better choice. Now, you must decide what size dog you want to have. If you want a dog that can stand and move around easily in an apartment, go for a Beagle, Yorkshire Terrier or a Chihuahua. If you want a more average size dog (still small enough to be carried), the Cocker Spaniel or the Miniature Pinscher would be perfect for you. Now, think about what color dog you want. If you want a white dog, go for a Maltese, a Siberian Husky or a Finnish Spitz. If you want a black dog, the Tervuren or the Weimaraner are good choices. Finally, think about the personality of the dog. If you want a dog with a lot of energy that needs to be active all day, go for an Irish Setter, a Border Collie or a Welsh Corgi. If you want a dog that loves children and is always alert, go for a German Shepherd, a Doberman or a Rottweiler.

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You’ve decided to look at pups. You walk into the pet shop – which has a big sign that says “PUGS AVAILABLE!” in big letters across the window. You walk in and see a counter with two people behind it. One is taking money from a customer, and the other is talking to another person.

You see some puppies in a pen off to the side, so you look at them for a while. There are three puppies there, and all of them are pugs. One is all black, one has a brown patch on its back (like a saddle) and the last one is mostly white with a few brown patches.

Which do you choose?

Did you choose the:

Black one (Hint: this is the weakest one, but it has an advantage)

Saddleback one (Hint: This one is stronger than it looks)

Pure white one (Hint: If you chose this one, you are patient and will be rewarded)

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