How To Draw A Golden Retriever – Step By Step Guide

How To Draw A Golden Retriever Step By Step Guide:

Step 1: Choose Your Dog’s Head Type & Color

Golden retrievers have a wide variety of heads. They are known for their large ears, big eyes, and long snout. You may choose any color or combination of colors for your dog’s head. Some dogs have very few colors while others have many different colored heads.

You may want to pick one color or mix of colors for each part of your dog’s body. For example, if you have a black and white dog with light brown fur, then you might want to make sure that there is at least some red around the eyes and mouth area. If you have a grayish-white dog with dark brown fur, then it would be nice if there was at least some blue around the nose and mouth area.

If you have a dog with multiple colors, then you need to decide which parts of the head will be the most appealing to you. If you like a lot of hair on your dog’s head, then it would be best if all of those hairs were black. However, if you prefer less hair on your dog’s head than other areas, then it would be better if only some of those hairs were black.

Step 2: Draw Out The Basic Structure Of The Face

Step 3: Draw The Eyes, Ears, And Nose

Step 4: Draw The Muzzle, Lips, And Teeth

Step 5: Draw The Expression On Your Dog’s Face

Step 6: Clean Up Your Dog’s Face

This is a good method for drawing any animal head. It can be used to draw any dog breed. Once you get the hang of it, you can choose to draw your dog’s head any way that you want. You may also choose to skip some of these steps if you wish. For example, once you become more comfortable with drawing different expressions, you may choose to skip the step about drawing the mouth in an expression other than a smile.

How To Draw A Golden Retriever – Step By Step Guide - Dog Puppy Site

Dogs are amazing creatures and people love to learn how to draw dogs. Many people like to learn how to draw golden retrievers, especially since they are known for being gentle and sweet creatures. In this tutorial I will show you “how to draw a golden retriever”, step by step. Golden retrievers are beautiful dogs and many people wish to learn how to draw golden retrievers from pictures. In this tutorial you will learn an easy way to draw your own golden retriever.

Step 1: Draw Two Fuzzy Circles For The Head

First, lightly draw two circles as a guide for the head. The circles don’t have to be perfect. They are just a guide.

Step 2: Add A Triangle For The Neck And Lines For The Body

Using the othe circle as a guide, add a triangle shape for the neck. Then add 4 lines, 2 on either side of the neck, for the body.

Step 3: Draw The Legs And Add Detail To The Head

Draw 4 legs under the body. Add detail to the head by drawing the ears, eyes, nose and mouth.

Step 4: Add The Tail And Inner Ears

Add the tail and inner ears to the guide lines for the head.

Step 5: Shade Your Dog

How To Draw A Golden Retriever – Step By Step Guide - Image

Now you have a completed dog picture! Use darker colors for shadows and lighter colors for highlights. Add as much detail as you’d like.

This is another good example of a dog that you can easily draw. This dog only requires basic shapes to be added to the circles in order to make a realistic looking cartoon dog. Also, notice that the EYES are left blank. This allows you to decide on the dogs eye color. You can even leave the eyes completely blank if you are creating a stylized design.

Step 1: Draw A Circle

First, draw a circle. This will be the top part of the head.

Step 2: Add A Half Circle

Draw a half circle that connects to the other circle. This will be the back of the dog’s head.

Step 3: Draw Two Triangles For The Ears

To the right side of the head, draw two triangles that point to each other for the ears.

Step 4: Draw A Cylinder For The Neck

Below the head, draw a cylinder for the dog’s neck.

Step 5: Add A Rectangular Shape For The Body

How To Draw A Golden Retriever – Step By Step Guide -

After the neck, add a rectangular shape for the body.

Step 6: Add Legs And A Tail

Add legs and a tail to the dog. You now have a dog body!

Step 7: Add More Detail To The Head

Now draw in more detail to the head. Add the eyes, nose, mouth and teeth. You can also add pupils and highlights.

You now have a cute cartoon dog that you can color or draw whatever you want in the blank eyes.

This is another dog that only requires circles and rectangles, but this time the body has been skewed. The body is slanted to give it a more dynamic look.

Step 1: Draw A Large Circle

Start by drawing a large circle near the edge of the paper for the body.

Step 2: Add A Smaller Circle For The Head

How To Draw A Golden Retriever – Step By Step Guide - | Dog Puppy Site

Draw a smaller circle on top of the first circle for the head.

For the face, you can add 2 small circles for eyes and a small square for a nose. You can also add a smile with 2 small lines.

Step 3: Add A Long Cylinder For The Neck And Body

Add a long cylinder shape on top of the head for the neck and body. On top of that, add another small circle for the dog’s rear end.

Step 4: Draw The Legs

Draw the rear legs and front legs. Proportionally they will be smaller, so they are about half the size of the body.

Now that you have the basic shapes, you can add more detail to create a more realistic cartoon dog.

Use light and shadow to make your dog drawings more realistic. You can also color your cartoon dog drawings!

Here is the finished example of the skewed dog. He can almost look goofy at this angle! This is just another example of how cartoon dogs can be drawn in different ways. Have fun and enjoy drawing your own cartoon dogs!

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