How to Spot a Puppy Farm

Puppy Mill Warning Signs:

1) You see a lot of dogs with health problems.

These are probably sick or diseased. They may have fleas, worms, tumors, heartworms etc.

2) You see many puppies with no adult dogs around them.

These puppies must be from puppy mills and are likely to be neglected and abused.

3) Your local pet shop does not sell any puppies at all!

4) There is no sign posted saying “No Dogs” 5) The store sells only dogs from puppy mills 6) The puppies look like they were bred under horrible conditions 7) You cannot tell the age of the puppies 8) Some of the puppies are very young 9) Most of the puppies are male 10) You do not feel safe buying a puppy from here 11) The store does not seem to have a good reputation 12) A lot of people have complained about this place 13) People say that their pets got sick after coming into contact with these dogs 14) There is a high chance that your puppy could get sick 15) You don’t want to buy a puppy from here 16) You would rather take your money elsewhere 17) You are concerned about the quality of life for animals 18) The store is located in a bad area 19) The owner seems shady 20) This store does not appear to be legitimate 21) This store might be selling stolen pets 22) If you think you have found one of these signs, please read further.

How to tell if a breeder is selling sick dogs from a puppy mill:

1) The breeder does not allow you to visit their facilities 2) The breeder sells the puppies quickly 3) The breeder does not produce any Health Certificates 4) The breeder seems unwilling to discuss the details of breeding program with you 5) The breeder does not show you where the mother dogs are kept 6) You notice the breeding dogs have no personal space 7) You notice the breeding dogs are not well socialized 8) The breeder seems to be pushing you to buy a puppy 9) You notice that the breeding dogs look very unhealthy 10) The breeder does not allow you to have a vet inspect the puppies before you buy them

How to spot signs of a good breeder:

1) The Breeder Wants to Meet You in Person First 2) The Breeder Shows You the Mother Dogs 3) The Breeder Provides a Health Guarantee 4) The Breeder Discusses the Puppies With You 5) The Breeder Allows You to Visit the Puppies Again Before You Take One Home 6) The Breeder Provides All Paperwork 7) The Breeder is Willing to Answer All of Your Questions 8) The Breeder Takes the Time to Explain Things 9) The Breeder is Friendly

How to tell if a pet store is selling sick dogs from a puppy mill:

1) The store does not sell any other animals 2) You notice a lot of puppies for sale 3) The store has a bad reputation 4) The store seems sketchy 5) The staff does not seem to know much about the breed 6) Chances are, the puppies are sick from a puppy mill

How to spot signs of a good pet store:

How to Spot a Puppy Farm - Picture

1) The petshop is not focused on selling dogs 2) The petshop sells other animals too 3) The staff provides all necessary information on each animal 4) The petshop has a good reputation 5) The staff seems to know a lot about the animals they are selling 6) The petshop does not seem sketchy at all

Thank you for taking the time to read my guide. I hope it helps you find your new best friend!

How to Tell You’re In a Good Relationship:

1) You no longer find them attractive 2) You like them less and less every day 3) You’re starting to forget what they look like 4) You don’t really see a future with them 5) You’d be OK if you never saw them again 6) You’re starting to forget their name 7) You don’t care if you hurt their feelings or not 8) You’d be OK if they died 9) You hate them 10) You’re not sure why you’re still with them 11) You’ve fallen out of love 12) You’ve fallen out of hate

How to Tell if You’re in a Toxic Relationship:

1) You’d rather be at work than be with them 2) You dread interacting with them 3) You feel the need to lie to everyone you know about your relationship 4) You find yourself hiding details of your relationship 5) You have to hide certain aspects of your life from them 6) You wonder if they’re cheating on you 7) You find yourself checking their texts and social media messages 8) You sometimes have nightmares about them 9) You sometimes have nightmares about them 10) Other people seem to be able to notice the toxicity of your relationship

How to Tell if Someone is a Psychopath:

1) They seem overly friendly 2) They lie on a regular basis 3) They will charm people into doing what they want 4) They don’t really have any friends 5) They seem to lack any remorse when it comes to other people 6) They will act nice to strangers and then spread rumors about them 7) They seem to have a lot of knowledge about serial killers 8) They don’t really have goals in life 9) They seem to be afraid of intimacy 10) They aren’t interested in others 11) Their eyes are either blank or shifty 12) Their stories don’t make sense 13) Their explanations for things are always changing 14) Others seem to be afraid of them 15) They have a lot of self-interest 16) They are in a lot of fights

How to Deal With an Unwanted Puppy:

1) Talk to Petsmart.

They sell puppies, so they should take some responsibility.

2) Put an ad for the puppy on Craigslist.

3) Find it a home yourself.

4) Keep it locked up somewhere until it can be adopted.

How to Spot a Puppy Farm - at DogPuppySite

5) Take it to a shelter.

6) Put it in a box and dump it somewhere rural.

7) Give it away to the first person that will take it.

8) Give it to a family member.

9) Let your children name it and then have them take care of it.

10) Give it to a nursing home.

How to Get a Job:

1) You need money.

2) You really need money.

3) You get fired.

4) You’re fired.

5) You did something illegal and you’re about to get caught.

How to Spot a Puppy Farm - Dog Puppy Site

6) You get divorced.

7) You really wanted to get that degree, but couldn’t afford it at the time.

8) Your boss just died and everyone had to take a cut in pay.

9) They closed the factory.

10) The factory moved to a cheaper labor area. 11) You got sick and had to miss work. 12) Your spouse lost their job, so you had to become the breadwinner. 13) You were about to get married, but then they suddenly lost their job. 14) You hate your boss.

15) You need something different in your life. 16) You really didn’t like your company in the first place.

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