How to train a Chihuahua – Your Chihuahua Training Guide

How To Train A Chihuahua – Your Chihuahua Training Guide

The first thing you need to do when you have a new puppy or adult dog is make sure they get plenty of exercise. You will soon learn that it takes time before your pup gets used to being outside and interacting with other dogs. If you don’t give them enough physical activity, they may become bored and start barking at everything around them! They may even develop separation anxiety which means they might begin to fear going out of their home.

If you want your dog to behave well indoors, then you need to provide lots of mental stimulation too. This could mean playing fetch with him, or using a ball or tug toy. These activities will keep your pup occupied and mentally stimulated. You’ll also need to teach them some basic commands such as sit, down, stay and come.

You can use toys to reinforce good behavior too. For example if your dog barks at strangers while you’re walking through town, you could play fetch with him with a squeaky toy instead of shouting at him!

House Training

Most dogs will need to go outside shortly after waking up, eating or drinking, and playing. Try taking your dog outside at these times on a leash and you should be able to train them to use the bathroom there. Praise them if they do, and take them inside to clean up if they don’t.

This needs to become a habit that they always do whenever they are in this situation. It may take a few months for them to learn, but it is definitely possible and easy to do.

Make sure your dog knows you are the alpha by being the leader of the pack. This means you decide when to go outside, what they eat, and where they sleep. Don’t be afraid to give him a firm “No!” if he does something wrong such as biting or tearing up your favorite pair of shoes. Also make sure he has enough space in the house to sleep.

Dogs like to have their own beds to sleep in, and they may not like it if you’re sleeping in your bed and they’re left to sleep on the floor.

Exercise & Training

You need to take your dog out for a walk at least once every day, twice or even three times a day if it’s an energetic breed. They need to get rid of all that energy or else they’ll tear up your house and make a lot of noise while trying to!

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You don’t need to teach your dog complicated tricks, most of the time they’re happier with a simple game of fetch. You can also teach them to do some basic commands such as “sit”, “down”, and “stay”.

Keeping these tips in mind should help make things a lot easier when it comes to living with a dog! Just remember that you will have to spend time with them and provide them with the proper exercise and training they need to stay happy and healthy.

About How to train a Chihuahua

How to train a Chihuahua. The Chihuahua is an ancient breed that is thought to be the smallest surviving dog breed. This friendly and loyal dog has a long and rich history. It comes from Central America where it was bred by the Techichi people for hundreds of years. It was then popular with the Aztecs and believed to be sacred animals.

When the Spanish conquered Mexico, they took the dogs back to Europe where they quickly became popular with the rich and famous. Despite its size, it is a very brave breed and was commonly used as a war dog by the armies of Central America. The Chihuahua also has a reputation for being a fierce fighter when provoked!

Tips on how to train a Chihuahua:

1. Be firm: If you are thinking of getting a Chi (Chihuahua), you need to learn how to be a leader.

Do not let this dog walk all over you, or it will. These dogs have huge personalities for their size. They can be feisty, stubborn, and willful at times but that’s also part of their charm.

These dogs are intelligent and will learn commands relatively quickly IF they respect you and believe that you are indeed the leader of the pack. This means you need to be firm but fair.

2. Be consistent: How to train a Chihuahua should also include consistency.

It is important that whoever is caring for the dog, is trained in how to do so correctly. This means you should all be following the same rules with feeding times, walking times, potty times, and discipline methods.

It is also important that whoever is training the dog becomes a full member of the “pack” and is providing the leadership that the dog needs.

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3. Be patient: How to train a Chihuahua may seem like a very easy process when you look at how small these dogs are.

However, do not be fooled. These little dogs have huge personalities and can be quite frustrating at times!

It may seem like your dog is never going to get potty training down, but with time (and consistency!) he will. It is important that you remain patient through the whole process and keep in mind that these dogs can sense tension and anxiety.

This will just make them more anxious as well and therefore they are more likely to act out. Wait until you get him outside and then praise him like crazy when he goes potty where he is suppose to. It may take a few minutes for him to go so do not rush him but also make sure you are not out there for hours at a time either.

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