Icelandic Sheepdog: The Adorable Little Herding Dog

The Icelandic Shepherd Dog (Shep) is one of the most popular breeds in Iceland. Shepherds are known for their loyalty and love of family. They have been bred since ancient times to protect sheep from predators, but they have also served as companions and friends to many throughout history.

In Iceland, there are two main types of shepherds: the Shetland Sheepdog and the Icelandic Shepherd Dog. The Sheltland Sheepdog was developed in Scotland during the 19th century, while the Icelandic Shepherd Dog was developed in Iceland during World War II. Both dogs share many characteristics and both have become very popular worldwide.

Both types of shepherds are small to medium sized dogs with short legs and thick coats. Their heads are relatively large and they have big ears. They also tend to be somewhat muscular.

Their eyes are set high and their noses point forward. These features make them look confident, alert, friendly, playful and loyal. They also give off a strong impression of being protective of those around them.

Icelandic Sheepdogs are known for their calm temperament and love of children. They have a reputation for being gentle and even-tempered and are excellent with children and other animals. They are very alert, but not aggressive, which makes them good sheep dogs. Most shepherds will never produce more than two or three litters of puppies in their lifetime due to the long hours they work.

The Sheltie is a smaller dog with a long body and shorter legs. They weigh anywhere from 15-30 pounds. The Sheltie is naturally obedient and easy to train. Their coats do not tend to shed very much and they do not have an unpleasant smell like many other dog breeds.

These dogs are prone to a number of health issues, but regular grooming can help reduce the amount of fur they shed. Grooming your Sheltie on a regular basis will also build a bond between you and your dog.

Also known as the “Spjald Sheepdog” or the “Spjald Collie”, the Icelandic Sheepdog is a very old breed that is thought to have evolved from ancient dogs that traveled across the land bridge from Siberia into Alaska during the last Ice Age. These dogs are very active and need plenty of exercise since they were bred to herd sheep all day long.

The Icelandic Sheepdog is a medium sized dog with a thick, multi-colored coat that grows continuously throughout its life. Their eyes are set high and their muzzles are rather long. They have thick fur that grows low on their faces, making them look rather fierce. Like other herding dogs, these dogs have little fat on their frames and have well proportioned bodies.

These dogs are alert, but not overly aggressive. They are playful and they love the outdoors. These dogs need a lot of exercise, but they also make good companions for people who want a dog to protect their property. With proper training and socialization, these dogs can be great for first-time dog owners as they are naturally obedient.


In many ways the town of Dagger Falls is much like most other frontier towns; it’s full of everyday people trying to make their way in life and dealing with all the problems that come with that life. The main difference is that in a town like Dagger Falls everyone is armed and ready for a fight.

Icelandic Sheepdog: The Adorable Little Herding Dog - at DogPuppySite

Even so, like most frontier towns there’s a divide in the town between the haves and have-nots. The biggest difference here is that the line of division is not based on anything so mundane as wealth, but on race. Though there are many different races in Dagger Falls, it’s the division between humans and elves that is the most important.

There are some in town who think that elves are little better than beasts. They’re seen as untrustworthy, treacherous creatures that will steal anything that isn’t nailed down and then some. This of course is an ignorant point of view, but considering the history between elves and humans in this area it’s hardly surprising.

The humans in town see themselves as the rulers of this little kingdom. The Mayor is a human and so are most of the sheriffs. This is to the dismay of some of the other races that live in this town, but the humans have the numbers and majority rule is the law of the land, whether it be right or wrong.

The elves are the ones who have been pushed to the edges of society and forced to live in deplorable conditions. Most of them are squatting on land that technically doesn’t belong to them as it belongs to the Mayor, but he doesn’t really go out there to enforce it. Most of these elves are seen as criminals just for being there, regardless if they’re actually doing anything wrong or not.

The other races in town tend to stay out of the divide between the humans and elves. The halflings and dwarves tend to side with the humans more than the elves due to residual feelings over the war. This is something they certainly don’t advertise and there may be exceptions, but this is true for the most part.

Of course the divide between humans and elves isn’t always an angry or hostile one. Some of the elves are more integrated into human society. Some of them even have a good relationship with their fellow human citizens. Others in both groups tend to keep to their own, minding their own business.

The focus on race in this town and the dangers associated with it might deter some from visiting this town, but there is another division in town that could be even more dangerous…

There’s the division between the law and the lawless.

While there are certainly those in town who abides by the rules and laws of society, there’s another element that doesn’t exactly play by everyone’s happy agreeance. These people tend to be a lot more violent and will engage in activities such as robbery, kidnapping, extortion and even assassination if the price is right.

The criminals of this town tend to congregate in certain places and one such place is the Bloody Blade tavern. This is a pirate themed tavern located on the west side of town. It gets its name due to the red liquid that usually covers the blade of a sword or knife after it’s been used to slay someone. The owner doesn’t really condone such activities, but he’s more than happy to look the other way most of the time.

Due to certain… factors…

the Bloody Blade is more of a “males only” tavern. Females are allowed in, but it’s usually only the female employees who serve drinks and food and they tend to be very pretty indeed. The tavernkeeper doesn’t really encourage fighting (though it doesn’t stop it from happening), but he certainly doesn’t pay for the medical treatment that may be required if say… someone loses an eye due to a knife wound or something of that nature.

This tavern isn’t exactly the most safe place to be, but it’s relatively safe compared to the surrounding area. If you can show that you can handle yourself, then you shouldn’t have any problems with the patrons or the staff as long as you don’t cause any trouble.

Now of course what kind of establishment would the Bloody Blade be if it didn’t have any gambling?

The Bloody Blade actually has an underground fighting arena and hosts fights every so often with its own primitive version of the Empire’s Gladiator Championship. Now Gladiators tend to be professionals who do this as their career, but in this case these people fight for their lives as it were. There’s no magic or weapons allowed and everyone basically has the same equipment and training. It can range from one on one battles to groups battles or even you versus a bunch of violent orcs.

The tavernkeeper doesn’t always host these events, but when he does, it’s always a big event around here. Since it isn’t exactly legal, these events are usually held at night and the tavern makes a point of having absolutely no windows so the entire town guard won’t just waltz in and break up the fights.

Icelandic Sheepdog: The Adorable Little Herding Dog - at DogPuppySite

Having said that, the majority of the guards are usually involved in some way. They might bet on who’s going to win or they might even participate in the fights themselves since they were more than likely involved in some shady activity during their time here.

Its for that very reason, you don’t exactly have an issue with the arena, but then you don’t exactly approve it either. It tends to create a certain mindset among the patrons and doesn’t exactly encourage a peaceful environment.

Well, there are decisions to be made.

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