Irish Doodle Information Center – The Irish Setter Poodle Mix Breed Guide

Irish Doodle Information Center – The Irish Setter Poodle Mix Breed Guide

The Irish Setter Poodle (also known as the “P” or “Doodle”) is one of the most popular poodles breed. They are very intelligent and loyal dogs with a great sense of humor. They have been bred since the early 1900’s to make them excellent working dogs, but they have become so popular that there are now many breeds of them.

They are medium sized dogs with long legs and thick bodies. Their coats vary from light colored to black, tan, blond or even chocolate. They have a short body which is covered with white hair that is usually curly at the top. Their heads are small and round with big eyes. These dogs come in several colors including black, brown, red, silver or gray.

They may be male or female and their coloration varies depending on what part of Ireland they were born in.

Their coat is soft and silky, but not overly so. It sheds easily and needs regular brushing. They need lots of exercise to keep them healthy. Some say that they are too good natured to ever be aggressive towards other animals or humans, but others disagree saying that they are very protective over their family members. They love children and will always protect them no matter how young or old they may be.

They are very intelligent and will challenge you at times. They must have something to keep their minds occupied or they will find something themselves like ripping up cushions or destroying your garden. They are not good dogs for first time owners as they need someone with experience to train them properly. If you are looking for a dog that is loving, cute, fun and playful, then the Irish Setter Poodle might be the right choice for you. They are perfect for any kind of family.

Irish doodle puppies for sale and other information:

The Irish doodle dog comes in various coat colors such as red, orange, yellow, black, tan or brown. They have a lot of energy and love to play. They can live either inside of the house or outside in the kennel. They make good watch dogs, but they aren’t good guard dogs because of their friendly nature towards all people. Children can play roughly with them and they will not get upset or mad.

They get along with everybody and other dogs.

Some doodles are born with a long coat, but some have short coats like the poodle. They shed a lot, so you need to brush them daily to help remove dead hair. They don’t drool or slobber and are fairly easy to train. This is a very active breed that requires a lot of exercise.

They are very intelligent and will need ongoing challenges to keep them occupied. If you don’t give them something productive to do, they will get into trouble. They can be escape artists and can climb over or dig under fences. It is best to keep them in a fenced in area. They should be kept cool in the summer with plenty of access to water.

Irish Doodle Information Center – The Irish Setter Poodle Mix Breed Guide - | Dog Puppy Site

The Irish Doodle is a popular breed because of its intelligence, attractiveness and versatility. It is good with children and all types of people. They are good with other dogs, but may chase cats. They need owners that will be strong minded leaders. The Irish Doodle is a very energetic breed, so they do not do well in small areas or places where they don’t get enough exercise.

They will obey commands most of the time, but if challenged they might challenge you back. It is important to establish yourself as the alpha dog right from the start with this breed. They need lots of attention and love, but don’t over do it. They are still dogs and do like some time alone every once in awhile.

Due to them being a hybrid breed, they are not recommended for first time dog owners. They need people with experience in raising dogs. If you feel you can provide a loving yet disciplined environment that will challenge and reward your dog, then the Irish Doodle might just be the dog for you!

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