Is It Wrong To Buy A Puppy – The Adopt Don’t Shop Campaign

Is it wrong to buy a puppy?

The question is asked often and there are many opinions on the matter. Some say no, some say yes, but most people think that buying a puppy from pet shops or breeders is not right. The main reason behind this opinion is because they sell puppies without any proper vet checkups or health checks. They do not provide good quality dogs at affordable prices. Many people believe that these types of businesses should be banned altogether!

So what’s the problem with buying a puppy from pet shops or breeders?

Well, let us look into it.

1) You’re not getting a real dog.

A puppy comes from a breeder, which means that they have been breeding dogs for years and years. These breeds have been bred so well that they are considered very rare and valuable. So if you want a purebred dog, then you need to go through a breeder.

But unfortunately, not all breeders are ethical ones. There are those that sell puppies only after they get their cut (usually 20%) and there are others that sell puppies even before they get their cut (often less than 10%).

2) You’re supporting puppy mills.

Puppy mill is one of the worst names for a business where animals are kept in horrible conditions. They’re mass producing animals, so they don’t bother to give them proper living conditions. They’re kept in small cages where they have no bedding, toys or light.

They’re also given barely enough food for the day and no vet care at all. Because of this, many animals come out sick and deformed, or dead.

3) There are too many of them.

Just because you want a pet doesn’t mean you should get one right away.

4) It’s bad for the animal.

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Dogs are not ours to take, and everything needs to go through a proper adoption system. Things were much better in the old days where people would just get dogs from around the neighborhood. Nowadays, there are so many animals without homes, that shelters are constantly being filled to the brim.

Many animals are being put down (killed) everyday because there is no hope for them to be adopted. By getting a dog from pet shops, you are supporting businesses that rely on the money of these animals.

5) There are many great alternatives.

If you really want a dog so bad, then you can always:

a) Get one from a shelter. There are so many dogs that need a home. By adopting, you’re not only giving a dog a home, but also helping out the animal population.

b) Adopt from the street. There are many stray and abandoned dogs on the streets. While you might want to be sure that they have their shots, this method can help reduce the amount of animals in shelters.

6) Don’t buy pets, adopt them.

If everyone thought like this, then pet shops would go out of business and there would be no need for breeders. You’d save tons of money and you wouldn’t have to worry about impulse buying. Plus, you’d save an animal’s life in the process.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you for helping to save pet shops from going out of business.

-Das Auto

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