Japanese Chin Dog Breed Information Center

Japanese Chin Dog Breed Information Center (JCDIC)

The JCDIC was founded in 2006 by a group of experienced dog lovers who are passionate about their beloved dogs. They have been searching for reliable information about all breeds of Japanese Chin Dogs since they first started looking at the internet in 1997. Since then, many new breeds have come into existence through breeding experiments and crossbreeding with other types of dogs. Many of these breeds have become popular and well known, but there are still others that have not received the attention they deserve.

The JCDIC is committed to making sure that every breed gets its due recognition. That means we will share our knowledge about each breed so you don’t need to spend time researching your own dog’s ancestry or trying to figure out which one is right for you! Our goal is to make it easy for you to learn about the different types of Japanese Chin Dogs, so you can choose the best type for yourself.

We hope that by sharing our expertise, we can help save some lives and improve the quality of life for all dogs everywhere!

Japanese Chin Dog Breeds: What You Need To Know About Them?

The Japanese Chin is a rare breed of dog that is said to have existed in Japan since approximately 936 A.D. By the 1800s, it was brought over to England where it was bred with the Pekingese and the Lhasa Apso to create a smaller version of these dogs.

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