Lazy Dog Breeds – Is A Low Energy Dog The Right Dog For You

Lazy Dog Breeds – Is A Low Energy Dog Breed?

There are many different types of dogs out there. Some are high energy, some are low energy, some have a mix between the two, and others just aren’t interested in anything except eating and sleeping all day long. There’s even a breed called “lonely” because they’re not interested in anyone or anything. However, there are certain breeds which are known to be loners. These include the Labrador Retriever, the German Shepherd Dog, and the Border Collie.

The reason why these three breeds tend to stay alone is due to their nature. They’re very independent creatures. Their personalities tend towards being quiet and introspective; however, they do make up for it with their loyalty and devotion to each other (and sometimes humans).

However, there are other breeds which don’t fit into any category. These include the Cocker Spaniel, the Shih Tzu, and the Pomeranian. While they may look like loners at first glance, they actually have a great deal of socialization and interaction with other animals. This makes them quite sociable when properly trained.

The last category of dogs (and definitely the largest group) are the average dogs. These dogs are mixed bag; some can be quiet while others are quite the opposite. They include breeds like the Dachshund, the Beagle, and the Boxer.

Some dogs can change their nature by their breed. For instance, although it’s rare, some Boxers are actually quite shy around strangers. While this is rare, it does happen.

However, a bigger question may be: how do you know what energy level to expect from a dog?

All dogs are unique, so there’s no way to generalize them. However, there is one thing you can do if you’re looking for a dog and that’s go to a shelter. Most (if not all) shelters have personality tests for the dogs so you can see how they interact with new people, other dogs, and even objects.

Dogs are a lot of work, no doubt about it. However, if you do your research and choose a breed that matches your lifestyle, then you shouldn’t have any problems with owning one.

All breeds of dogs can be low energy dogs if they are raised as one. Raising a dog is about 80% of the work to have a well rounded pet. You can’t get a high energy dog and expect it to be low energy if you never take it for walks or exercise it in some way.

You can find more detail about this issue here: The Right Dog For You?

Some people like to have dogs that are high energy because it keeps them more “entertained” and some even say they don’t have time to exercise their dog daily, so they get a dog that is already of a low energy breed.

Another advantage to having a dog that is low energy is that they will be calmer in the house and less likely to tear things up if you have toddlers or infants in the house.

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