Long Haired Chihuahua Dog Breed Information Center

In the past, there were many questions which are now answered. There was a time when it was difficult to get a puppy from the breeder. Nowadays, most of them offer their puppies online or through mail order. They will provide you with all necessary information about your new companion. You need not worry about finding a good home for your new pet.

The breeder will take care of everything.

Chihuahuas are very popular dogs nowadays. Many people want one but they don’t have enough money to buy one themselves. So, they look for someone else to do it for them. That’s why the long haired chihuahua is so popular today too! People love these little dogs because they’re friendly and cuddly.

They make great companions for children. Some parents even think that having a long haired chihuahua would be better than having a child!

There are different types of long haired chihuahuas available today. There are those which have been bred for show purposes only, and there are those which have been bred specifically to produce offspring with longer hair. There are also those which have been bred for both purposes. The choice is up to you.

The long haired chihuahua can be more expensive than the regular short haired ones because of their longer coats and greater popularity. For that reason, you may want to look into one of the ‘mixed’ breeds with both long hair and short hair. These tend to be cheaper as they are not as popular with the general public.

If you do get a long haired chihuahua and want to keep the costs down, then you will need to learn how to groom it yourself. This is not as hard as it seems. You will need a good quality brush, some clippers and a small pair of scissors (for trimming the hair around private parts etc). If you clip the hair regularly and keep the coat clean and healthy then you shouldn’t have any trouble with dirt or matts. This is a great advantage as you will not need to pay or take the dog to the groomers or vet.

The long haired chihuahua is a wonderful pet. They are friendly, playful and loving companions. They can be trained quite easily and love to learn new tricks. These little dogs are not for everyone though. If you do not have time for regular grooming then please do not consider buying one of these pets.

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