Malamute Names: What’s the Best Name for Your New Puppy

The best name for your new puppy depends on many factors. Some are obvious like personality, temperament, and health; others may not be so clear cut but still need to be considered when choosing a name. Here are some things to consider before making a decision:


Is it a real word or nickname?

Some names sound silly because they’re made up words or nicknames. For example, “Buddy” sounds ridiculous because it rhymes with “bully.” Other names sound better if they’re real words. For example, “Duke” sounds very noble and dignified. It’s also a good idea to check out the dictionary to see what other names have been used for similar animals before deciding on one.


Does it rhyme with something else?

If your dog already has a name, you might want to think twice about using another one. If your dog doesn’t have a name yet, you’ll probably want to stick with the first one. However, if your dog does have a name, you might want to try out different names until you get something that works well.


Do you like the sound of it?

Sometimes a name is just too hard to pronounce or say correctly. Sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason behind how someone came up with their pet’s name. It’s best to choose a name that’s short, sweet, easy to remember, and not too complicated. A short name is a good idea to make sure it fits well on the dog tag that you’ll have made.


Is this someone else’s name?

It can be tempting to give your pet a human name, but this isn’t always a great idea. First of all, your dog probably isn’t going to respond to it. Second of all, you’ll have to make up a new name for people to call the dog. You have enough going on in your life without having to remember another name. It’s best if you choose a name that’s just for your pet.


Is this the name of a celebrity or fictional character?

Some people use the names of celebrities or fictional characters when naming their pets. While this might make it easier for people to remember your name, it’s not always the best choice. Most celebrities are known for their wild and crazy antics, and your pet probably isn’t going to be able to live up to that standard. It’s best to choose a name that represents something calm, cool, and collected.


Is this the name of a family member?

This is similar to the previous point, but this can cause more problems.

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