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The smallest breed of dog, they are just under 1/4 inch tall at the withers and weigh between 8-12 pounds. They have short legs with long bodies and slender necks. Their coats range from white to cream colored, but most are a light grayish brown or even chocolate brown. The ears are small and pointed, while their tails are straight up and down. They have a wide head with a round face.

Their eyes are large and almond shaped, giving them a look similar to that of a rabbit.

They are very affectionate and love to cuddle, play fetch, jump around, chase each other and snuggle up close together. They do not bark much; however they may growl if you get too near them or try to pet them too hard. They tend to sleep during the day, but will wake up when it’s time to eat or go outside.

A little larger than a pug, they are usually about 12 inches long and weigh 10-15 pounds. Their coat ranges from pale white to dark brown. Some are pure white with black markings while others have black spots all over their body. The ears are medium sized and point forward. They have a round head with a small muzzle and large dark eyes.

Their tail is curly and bent like that of a corkscrew.

They are considered an affectionate breed and make good family pets. They have a lot of energy and will play all day if they could, but they are very trainable and will obey your commands as long as you’re firm with them. Like the Cavalier, they can live inside or outside, but they do not tolerate cold weather well.

Nowadays, the two are bred together, creating a new hybrid called a Cavapoo or Cavachon. These dogs are more suitable for first-time owners because they do not require as much maintenance as the other two. They have the round head of the Cavalier and the long body of the poodle. They come in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from toy to medium, and can weigh anywhere from 5 pounds to 50 pounds. They are also very friendly and affectionate.

The breed is friendly, but aloof toward strangers. They can make good watch dogs as they will bark if a stranger comes near. They are excellent with children and get along well with other dogs too. They enjoy playing in the water and swimming. However, they tend to suffer from skin problems in hot weather and cannot tolerate cold weather at all.

The dogs are quite intelligent and easy to train. They like to please their owners and will learn commands with little effort. Owners can choose between two types: the one with a long coat and requires regular grooming, or the one with a short coat that does not require much maintenance. The long-haired variety sheds a lot and has a tendency to pull out their fur if they feel anxious or itches because of an allergic reaction to food or environment.

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They enjoy spending time with their owners and like to cuddle up next to them whenever possible. They also follow their owners around the house. They are excellent dogs for the suburbs or country, but not suitable for apartment living. Owners should make sure they get plenty of exercise and at least a couple of hours outside each day.


While all three varieties of canines make good pets, some are better suited to certain environments than others. If you live in the suburbs or the country, you may want to consider a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or a French Bulldog. These breeds do not like hot weather and will suffer in the hot Southern states. If you like to go hiking or camping, these dogs will not be suitable as they dislike being left alone and will become stressed if they are away from their owners for long periods of time. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel does have a tendency to suffer from breathing problems, so you may have to take it to the vet more often than other breeds.

These dogs are suitable for apartment living provided the apartment is not too small and you take them outside every couple of hours.

If you live in a first floor apartment or a house without a yard, a Poodle is more suitable. They are good guard dogs and make sure to alert their owner if someone they do not know approaches. These dogs do well around children but may become aggressive toward other dogs. If you want a quiet dog that does not shed much, the Toy Poodle is more suitable than the Standard Poodle or the Miniature Poodle.

Standard Poodles are very intelligent and easy to train, making them popular among circuses and TV shows. They were originally bred by monks as hunting dogs, and they still have an excellent sense of smell. While they do not make good guard dogs due to their shy nature, they will bark in an effort to let their owners know somebody is approaching the house. These dogs get along well with children, but can sometimes be aggressive toward other dogs. They need regular exercise and love to be taken on long walks, but due to their lean physique they are not suitable for jogging or running.

They also do not shed much, making them good for allergic people.

French Bulldogs make excellent pets for people who live in apartments. They do not shed much, and are usually quiet and well-behaved. They are somewhat stubborn and can be difficult to train; you should start training them when they are puppies. They can be aggressive toward other dogs, and children should be taught to respect the dog and never harass it. Owners should always make sure the dog is comfortable in its surroundings before leaving it alone.

One of the most popular breeds in the United States, Labrador Retrievers are suited for almost anyone. They are easy to train, and love to play catch with their owners. They get on well with all ages of people and other dogs, making them good for families. They are one of the best hunting dogs, and their nose is a powerful ally when tracking down victims. They need regular exercise and can adapt to living in an apartment or a house.

Some breeds just have a naturally happy disposition. This is certainly true of the Golden Retriever, who was bred as a hunting dog to work with their human counterparts. These dogs love both children and other dogs, and get on well with most people they meet. They are easy to train and love to play, especially in water, but their friendly nature can mean they are prone to having things confiscated from their mouths by strangers. They need regular exercise and will run happily alongside a bicycle.

These dogs shed a lot and are not really suitable for people with allergies.

Great Danes have a calm nature and do not require much exercise, perfect for people who do not have much time to spend with their dog. They are very tolerant and get on well with both children and other dogs. These dogs need a lot of food to sustain their large bodies, so be prepared to spend a little more on their food bill. They cannot really be considered suitable for apartment life because they have a habit of resting their giant heads on tables and chairs, meaning that their weight often breaks them.

Dachshunds come in two variants: the standard and the miniature. Both are bred for burrowing and chasing prey into holes, meaning that they have a lot of stamina despite their small size. They can get on well with other dogs, but need to be socialized with them from a young age to avoid aggression problems. These dogs are very loyal to their owners and will attempt to defend them if necessary. They are generally quiet indoors, but become more lively when given access to a yard.

Maltese Dog Breed Information Center: The Ultimate Fluffy White Puppy -

Grooming is minimal.

The Beagle is another scent hound that was bred for hunting. They have great stamina and will tirelessly follow a scent. Beagles are very friendly toward people and will happily greet anyone they meet, but they can become obsessive if they smell a scent and can be hard to recall once they are on a trail. The high-pitched bark means that they are not ideal for apartment living. They are easy to train and they enjoy physical activities, but will also happily sleep on your feet if there is nowhere else to rest.

The Afghan Hound is a very graceful breed. They originate from the Middle East, where they were prized by kings and princes for their beauty. They are certainly a sight to behold: no wonder these dogs were kept in royalty! They are quiet indoors and will not bark unnecessarily, but can be stubborn and independent. Grooming is a long process and they require lots of space to stretch their legs.

They get on well with children and other animals.

The Shiba Inu is a very common sight in Japan, where it is the most popular breed. They are very intelligent and independent, making them difficult to train and with a mind of their own. They are fairly active dogs that will happily curl up on your lap when resting. They get on well with family members but can be suspicious of strangers. They do not shed much and have little odor, but their coat requires a fair bit of attention to prevent knots.

The Miniature Pinscher is a feisty little dog from Germany. Although small, they are fearless and will stand up to much larger dogs and even humans if provoked. They can be very noisy when left alone and will whine or bark, so these dogs are not suited to apartment life. They are very loyal to their family and are great with children. They require a lot of human contact and need daily walks or they will turn destructive.

Once out of the house, they will run around wildly and are likely to chew anything they find if not watched carefully.

Friendship: Your parents work you hard on the farm, but you have a small cottage to yourself where you can rest.

Five sheep, two cows, twenty chickens and a large field of hay.

What more could a girl want?

You don’t have many friends, but your cousin comes to visit you a lot and you get on well with him.

Other children from the village come to your farm, but only some of them. You’re pretty sure they like you, but you’re not sure enough to list their names here.

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Nate comes by fairly often, he’s your favorite cousin. He teases you and calls you names, but he’s really just fond of you. He’ll arrive unexpectedly with his hands in his pockets and eat your food, then stay for a week and help with the farm work.

There’s another boy who comes by, but he’s a little strange. He always seems to be looking at you, but never says anything or does anything; he just sits in the corner and watches you. You don’t even know his name.

Sibyl is a girl in the village who almost always comes to your farm to play. You’re not sure if you’re really friends with her, but she’s better than nobody.

You wish you had more friends, but it’s hard for you to socialize and being on a farm doesn’t give you many options for meeting people.

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