Meet The Schnug – The Pug Schnauzer Mix

Meet The Schnu

The name “Schnu” (pronounced: shoo-kuh) means “little dog”. It’s a German word meaning small or diminutive.

It was used originally in reference to the little dogs called “Schuschen”, which were used as guard animals during the Middle Ages. These days it refers to any small dog, but usually with a negative connotation due to their association with being vicious or mean. However, there are some schnu mixes that have been bred to be friendly and lovable. Some examples include the schnu pugs, the schnu bulldogs, and even the schnu retrievers.

Some of these breeds may not sound like they would make great companions for your family. That’s why it’s so interesting when someone adopts one of them into their home!

And what makes it even better is when they’re part Schnauzer!

There are many reasons why someone might adopt a schnu puppy. They could be looking for a companion because they want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life; they may just want a quiet, docile dog that won’t bark at every noise; or perhaps they simply enjoy having a dog around all the time.

Whatever their reason, adopting one of these adorable little dogs will certainly change your life forever!

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Furthermore, we have an amazing thing that we do called Meet The Breeder. This is a really exciting opportunity for you to go meet the breeder in person and get your schnu puppy straight from the source!

Not only will you get to meet the breeder, but the breeder will also get to tell you about their philosophy on dog breeding and what they look for when picking out the right puppies for their future owners.

This is a really great opportunity for you because you get to go and see the place where your puppy was born and raised. You’ll be able to ask all the questions that are on your mind about things like their food, their sleeping arrangements, and everything else that goes into caring for them.

It’s basically like going to a farm and looking at the animals, except in this case, you’re looking at pups!

Meet The Schnug – The Pug Schnauzer Mix - Picture

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