Mexican Dog Names: Find the Best One for Your Pup

Mexican Dog Names: Find the Best One for Your Pup

By David L. Baughman

In Mexico, there are two types of dogs; those used for hunting and those used for companionship. Dogs with names like “El Diablo” or “El Tico” are very popular among Mexicans because they have a certain mystique associated with them. They are often referred to as “the devil’s dogs.”

On the other hand, dogs with names like “Papi,” “Tamaulipas,” or even “The Little Red Riding Hood” are not so well known. These are the names of cute little pups that look adorable when they’re being petted by their human owners.

There is no doubt that these dog names sound better than the more sinister sounding ones, but what do they mean? Are they really any good?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular dog names in Mexico.

1. El Diablo (The Devil)

One of the first things that comes to mind when one thinks of Mexican dog names is “El Diablo.” This name has been around since ancient times and it seems to be quite popular today too. However, it isn’t always appropriate to use this name.

For example, it would be very in appropriate to name a cute little Chihuahua “El Diablo.” It would not be good to use it for a pet or a fluffy lap dog. It can only be used on hunting dogs.

The Chihuahua is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world. It is believed to have originated in Mexico and was initially called the “Techichi” by the natives. It got its current name after a famous Mexican fighter called “CHA-wa-wa.” The people eventually started calling the dog Chihuahua.

In World War I, it was discovered that these little dogs had an instinctive ability to detect poisonous gas. They are only 5 pounds in weight and their ears can droop down to their shoulders. They have a wide mouth and big eyes.

2. El Tico (The Little Devil)

This is another one of the popular Mexican dog names. It means “the little devil” and is quite similar to El Diablo in many ways. The only major difference is that this name can be used on any type of dog, regardless of its size.

El Tico is slightly smaller than the Chihuahua and is sometimes called “El Chilindrinas” or “El Frijoleron.” It has a shiny black coat which is very smooth to the touch. It has large ears that stand out from its head.

It is believed to have been bred from a wide variety of small dog breeds and it is often used as a companion dog by the common man. Some people believe that the Chihuahua and the El Tico had a love affair that resulted in the birth of the famous “Chihuahua.

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3. El Perro Grande (The Big Dog)

El Perro Grande is a very intelligent dog and it doesn’t matter what breed you have. You can give it this name and it will still behave in an intelligent manner.

This breed of dog is not too big or too small; it is just right! The dogs that are given this name are often very friendly and playful. It is rare to see an El Perro Grande that is vicious and mean.

This is the type of dog you would want to take home and introduce to your grandparents. No matter where you take him, he’s sure to turn a few heads with his playful antics. He loves children and other dogs too.

4. El Chihuahua (The Little Chihuahua)

This dog is very small indeed! In fact, it is the smallest dog in the world. It has a black shiny coat with large ears that droop down to the sides of its head.

It has a wide mouth and prominent eyes.

The Chihuahua is an ancient breed of dog that is believed to have originated in Mexico. It got its name after a state in Mexico called “Chihuahua.” These tiny dogs were often carried around in the sleeves of Aztec priests.

If you want to name your dog El Chihuahua, make sure that you are not near a big dog in a threatening mood. If so, the big dog might mistake your dog for a yapping rat!

5. El Perrito (The Little Dog)

This is another popular name for small breed dogs in Mexico. It is similar to El Chihuahua but it can only be used for smaller breeds of dogs.

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