Mini Aussiedoodle – The Miniature Poodle Australian Shepherd Mix

Mini Aussie Doggie Mixes are popular dog breeds that have been bred from the original aussie dogs. They are small, but they make up for it with their large personalities and loyalty. Their size makes them very easy to train. They are great companions and good family pets. There are many different types of Mini Aussie Dogs, which include:

Aussiedoodles (Australian Shepherd)

These dogs were originally bred from the original Australian Cattle Dogs and have been used for hunting since the beginning of time. These dogs have a long history of being used as guard animals, shepherds and working dogs in Australia. They are known for their loyal nature and love of humans.

Aussie Dogs (Australian Shepherd)

The name “Aussie” comes from the Aboriginal word “australia”, which means land of the aborigines. These dogs were first brought to Australia in 1859 when Captain Cook landed on Botany Bay. Since then, these dogs have become a part of Australian culture and are considered one of the most beloved dog breeds in Australia. This breed is extremely intelligent and easy to train. They can be trained for a variety of tasks such as herding, watchdog or agility.

Noodle Dogs (Poodle)

This dog was created by the breeding of a standard poodle and a miniature poodle. The name “noodle” comes from the word miniature because these dogs are so small they look like little Noodles!

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