Mini French Bulldog: A Guide To The Teacup Sized Miniature Frenchie

French Bulldogs are adorable and they make great companions. They have a very friendly personality, but they don’t always get along with other dogs.

French bulldogs tend to be independent and not particularly attached to their owners because they like being able to do things on their own. They need lots of exercise, love attention, and affectionate play time. French bulldogs are known to be stubborn, so they will likely refuse to leave your home if you aren’t willing to provide it. They are good watchdogs too, which means they need a strong owner who understands how much responsibility these dogs require.

They may seem small and cute when you first meet them, but once you start spending time with one, you’ll realize just how big of a dog they really are!

Mini Frenchie Breeders For Sale

There are many breeders selling mini Frenchie puppies. These breeders sell miniature Frenchie puppies from puppy mills.

Puppies are often raised in terrible conditions and sold at low prices. Some of these puppies will even die before reaching adulthood due to poor breeding practices or neglectful parents. You can avoid buying a puppy from a breeder who sells miniature Frenchie puppies through our list of reputable breeders here .

Mini Frenchie Adoption

If you aren’t interested in buying a dog, or just want a new experience, why not adopt a dog?

There are many Mini Frenchie dogs at shelters and rescue organizations across the country. Some of them are purebred miniature Frenchie dogs and some of them are mixed breeds. Most had terrible lives on the street until they were captured and taken to a shelter.

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