Miniature Border Collie – Is This Tiny Puppy Right for You

Miniature Border Collie Size

The miniature border collie is one of the smallest breeds of dog. They are smaller than the standard poodle or dachshund.

These dogs weigh between 25-40 pounds and measure from 14 inches to 20 inches long. Their height ranges from under 7 feet to over 10 feet tall. They have short legs with a wide chest and small head. The coat color varies depending on the breed but they all have a white undercoat which makes them easy to spot at night time when their eyes are closed.

They are very intelligent and playful. They love to play fetch and chase things around the house.

They do not bark much but they will purr if you pet them gently enough. Some of these dogs have been known to lick their owners’ faces while sleeping!

It is important to note that there are different sizes of miniature border collies. The smallest is no smaller than the size of a young puppy, while the largest is around the size of a normal adult.

Breeding Borders

The border collie is one of the most intelligent breeds and also one of the most energetic. This has made them very popular among farmers and ranchers as they are able to herd large groups of animals with ease.

Border collies are able to see something and then go get it. They are able to follow directions very easily. They really enjoy pleasing their owners.

This breed of dog is also used in some types of sports such as agility and flyball. In order to do well in these sports, the dog must be smart and able to learn commands immediately without any problems.

These dogs have a high amount of energy. They are very fast and can jump very high. Owners must make sure to give them a lot of exercise or they will get bored and start causing trouble around the house. Border collies require a lot of attention, without it they can become depressed.

These dogs are able to herd a large number of animals with ease. They usually begin herding at an early age by circling, chasing, and moving the animals in the desired direction.

These dogs are also able to operate without any commands.

Miniature Border Collies have been bred down from the larger dogs and they retain all the natural instincts to herd, but in a smaller package. These dogs are very smart and independent.

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They do not always require a lot of exercise. Owners must still make sure they get enough daily activity or they will become destructive.

Breeders have created a wide variety of color and size combinations within this breed. They are often bred with larger herding dogs such as Labs and Germans Short-Haired Pointers in order to increase the size.

They must also be bred with Border Collies in order to maintain the instincts and skills.

Border collies are very easy to train. They learn very quickly and are able to follow several commands at the same time.

These dogs are able to learn complex tasks after only a few repetitions. Owners who are not used to dealing with dogs with a lot of energy may have a hard time training them.

These animals need a lot of attention and stimulation. Without enough mental and physical exercise they can become destructive around the house.

They can also develop separation anxiety if they are left alone for long periods of time.

Miniature Border Collies are very playful and love to chase things. They are full of energy and need plenty of exercise and activities.

Owners must be prepared to give these dogs the attention they need.

This breed tends to bark a lot. Miniature Border Collies are not good guard dogs and most will run from an intruder rather than attack.

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These dogs must be trained properly if they are to be trusted around small animals.

Miniature Border Collies have a long life span. They can live between 12 and 15 years.

Owners must prepare themselves for the long term commitment of owning a dog.

Although border collies are very healthy, they are still prone to certain health conditions. One of the most common ailments is lameness.

This can be caused by injuries or it can have a genetic origin. Another common health issue is canine hip dysplasia (CHD). This occurs when the hip joints do not develop properly and cause arthritis. It is a genetic disorder that can be diagnosed with a blood test. Border collies can also develop epilepsy. This medical condition causes the dog to have seizures. It is important for owners to be aware of the signs and to seek medical attention if they occur.

Miniature Border Collies are very clean dogs that do not like to be dirty. Owners will want to make sure their homes are free of anything that might tempt these dogs into peeing or pooping where it is not supposed to be.

Border collies can also become bored very easily.

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