Miniature Shar Pei – A Guide to the Smaller Version of the Breed

Miniature Shar Pei – A Guide to the Smaller Version of the Breed

The smallest version of the breed, or miniature shar pei are known as shapeless. They have small bodies with short legs and no tail. Their eyes are small and round.

These dogs do not grow up fast, they live only three years, but they may be very loyal and loving pets.

Shar pei puppies are born with their fur completely white, which gradually turns into grayish brown. The coloration of these little dog’s coats varies from light grey to black. Some breeds like the shiba inu and the pug will have a lighter colored coat while others such as the miniature schnauzer or the dachshund will have a darker colored coat.

In general, the smaller the dog, the less hair it sheds. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. Shar pei puppies can shed as much as other small dogs, but their coats tend to be finer and more manageable than those of larger breeds.

Because of this fact, miniature shar pei make excellent house pets because they don’t require a lot of grooming.

The fur of the miniature shar pei can be straight or curly. For some reason, the curly haired dogs are more popular than the straight haired ones. The hair on the ears and face is usually short and their muzzles may have a light plucking on the sides to make them look more like the traditional shar pei appearance.

As with all breeds of shar pei, these small dogs do have a reputation for being stubborn and having a bad temper. Owners may struggle to train them, but this is not an inherent trait of the dog; it is a result of poor breeding and improper training methods. When trained properly, these little dogs are very intelligent and can be taught to follow basic commands such as “sit” or “stay”.

They can also be house broken at an early age if their owners take the time and care required to train them.

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