Most Expensive Dog – The Priciest Pups in Dogdom

Most Expensive Dog – The Priciest Pups in Dogdom

The most expensive dog in the world was born from a love for animals. A passion for life and a desire to make others happy. This rare breed of dog is called Bulldog.

They are very loyal and loving pets with their own unique personality traits. These dogs have been bred over many generations to be the ultimate companions.

Bulldogs are one of the oldest breeds of dog and they were first created back in 1869 when a young breeder named John Jumper started breeding them for sport. Since then, there have been countless attempts at creating the perfect Bulldog but none of these efforts succeeded in achieving perfection. However, some of these attempts did succeed in producing some very beautiful specimens which made them popular among collectors and show owners worldwide.

The most famous Bulldog is undoubtedly the English Bulldog which was originally developed by a man named James Doolittle. The name “English” comes from the fact that it was bred to look like a bulldog. There are several other breeds of Bulldogs such as the American Pitbull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, etc., however all of these dogs share certain characteristics in common.

After all these years of breeding, the English Bulldog is still not quite perfect. They may have been created with the idea of perfection, but they are far from it. The head is too large for the body and this makes the dog prone to breathing problems when physical activity is involved.

This is probably why the dogs were bred to do nothing but lie around, flat on their faces, and become couch potatoes when not in competition.

But the English Bulldog is a very expensive breed of dog and there are many people willing to pay a hefty price for this rare breed. The most expensive Bulldog sold for around $750,000 at a celebrity dog auction in America. This dog was purchased by David Beckham, a British footballer who was a huge fan of the breed.

The trend in buying expensive dogs has given rise to a new industry called puppy farming. This is where people buy cheap dogs from the internet and then sell them for a high price. One fraud investigation discovered a man who was selling high priced Bulldog puppies on websites such as eBay and Yahoo.

They would ask for up to $6,000 for these dogs but they were not pure breds as they had been claiming. The owner had just taken normal dog and cross bred them to make them look like Bulldog puppies.

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The animals rights group PETA has been very vocal in their condemnation of the expensive dog industry and they have stated that it basically encourages bad conditions for breeding animals. Some owners keep their dogs in unsanitary conditions and others even resort to cruelty to make sure the dogs have the perfect appearance. They say that the only reason dogs are bred and sold at such high prices is because a wealthy few are making a killing at the expense of these animals.

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