My Dog Ate A Battery

My Dog Ate A Battery: What Can Happen To Your Pet?

What If My Dog Eat A Battery?

The following are some questions and answers about what can happen to your pet when it eats a battery. These questions and answers have been asked by many people, but there may be other opinions. Please feel free to add any additional comments or thoughts about these topics.


Is it dangerous for my dog to eat a battery?

No, it is not dangerous for your dog to eat a battery. However, dogs do tend to like to play with things that they think might cause them harm so please keep all batteries away from your dog’s reach. You can use a box around the house or even put the battery in a baggie and place it in another room where no one has access to it. Also make sure you wash up after playing with batteries!


How long does it take for a dog to digest a battery?

It depends on the size of the battery. For example, if you were to throw a small battery at your dog, she would probably swallow it within minutes. However, if you threw a large battery at her, she could easily wait several hours before eating it. Some dogs can even hold onto batteries for days without getting sick. You should look for signs that your dog has ingested a battery. See Below!


What are the signs that my dog has eaten a battery?

Some of these signs include: vomiting, depression, diarrhea or lack of bowel movement, loss of appetite or difficulty in eating, difficulty in walking, pain when laying down, excessive salivation, difficulty swallowing or breathing, cough, red frothy blood when coughing or expiration, fatigue, and noisy breathing. If your dog shows any signs of illness, please contact your veterinarian immediately.


How can I tell if my dog has swallowed a battery?

There are some tell-tale signs that your dog might have eaten a battery. As said before, if you notice that your pet is having any of the above signs of illness, it would be wise to take him or her to the nearest animal hospital for medical attention. Even if your dog appears to be fine, you should still mention that you think he or she ate a battery.

5) I heard that I can put a magnet on my fridges to stop my dog from eating batteries.

Is this true?

There has been studies that magnets can either attract or repel metal items. Since magnets can be harmful if ingested, it would not be wise to have one near anything that a dog could eat.

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