My Dog Won’t Get In The Car

My Dog Won’t Get In The Car!

The title says it all. I have a problem with dogs jumping into cars. Even if they are well behaved, I don’t want them getting into cars because then they will start acting like “dangerous animals”.

They might bite someone or something else might get hurt. If there is no way to control their behavior, then they need to stay away from cars at all costs!

I am not talking about my own dog. I don’t even mean any other pets either. I’m referring to dogs that are well behaved but still jump up on your lap when you’re driving.

That’s what I call a “jumping” problem. A barking problem too, but that’s another story altogether.

A few years ago, my husband had a new puppy. She was so cute, but she would jump up on him every time he drove past our house. It wasn’t just one day though; it happened several times during the week.

My husband tried everything to stop her from doing it, including yelling at her and hitting her with a stick (which didn’t work). Finally, after much frustration and stress, he gave up trying to discipline her and let me take over.

This is where it gets interesting. I was visiting my parents and needed to go to the grocery store.

After loading up my groceries and getting in the car, guess who decided to jump up on my lap?

To make matters worse, he had already taught her how to open the car door from the inside. She got so excited that she opened the other door and jumped out before I could stop her.

When she ran out in front of traffic, my mom was sitting in the car. She helped me catch her and then got back in the car. As I was walking to the other side, I noticed something on the seat.

You’ll never guess what it was.

Needless to say, I was very upset with my husband for not being more careful. Our marriage hasn’t been the same since that day. I have never let a dog jump in the car or even get close to it ever since.

My point is, when you’re driving around with friends or family, think about the safety of everyone before you let them jump into your lap. You’ll be surprised how many people there are in this world and some can be real jerks. If you’re not careful, they may just ruin your whole trip.

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