Natural Dog Food – How To Feed Your Dog As Nature Intended

Raw Gold Dog Food: How To Feed Your Dog As Nature Intended?

The following are some of the most common questions about Raw Gold Dog Food:

How do I feed my dog with raw gold? Is it safe for him? What does it taste like? Why would anyone want to eat raw gold?

First off, let me say that I am not a doctor or nutritionist. If you have any health concerns please consult your own veterinarian.

I am just a regular guy who loves dogs and wants to share what I know with you. So here goes…

You might ask yourself why would someone want to eat gold?

Well, there are many reasons but one of them is that gold is very rare and expensive. A single ounce of pure gold sells for $1,000 per troy ounce (or 1 gram). That means if you had a bag of gold coins worth $100 each, you could buy enough gold bars to fill up two Olympic sized swimming pools!

Now that’s pretty awesome.

But how much gold is there in all those coins?

There are approximately 7 billion coins in circulation worldwide so the answer is somewhere around .000003 ounces. Not even close to enough for every human being on earth to wear jewelry made from it.

What about other precious metals such as silver and platinum?

These metals are also very rare and expensive. Just like gold they rarely exist in their pure form in nature, which makes them very hard to find and mine. It has taken humans thousands of years even with our modern technologies to find these metals and excavate them from the earth. And even then we still haven’t found all the metals that exist on our planet.

You might be wondering why I am telling you all this?

Well I’ll tell you why. I want to share with you my new favorite snack…DOG FOOD!

You read that right, but before you run away in disgust let me tell you why it is so delicious.

It is full of nutrients and extremely healthy for dogs. This nutritious diet is what keeps them healthy and strong even into old age.

I love dogs because they are faithful, protective and super cute! The best part about dogs is their unconditional love. I have been feeding my dogs this magical diet for the past couple of years and they are much healthier and happier. I have more energy and feel stronger too (not that I needed it). Best of all, it’s delicious!

I know you’re probably wondering if it really tastes good. For humans, it’s a bit bland but since our taste buds are different than dogs, I love the stuff.

It is very filling and sometimes I even have it as a mid-day snack.

So what exactly is in this magical diet?

Let me tell you…

The main ingredient is ground turkey mince. It also contains other nutritious ingredients such as eggs, sweet potatoes, carrots and blueberries.

That’s it! No fillers, additives, preservatives or anything else you don’t want to eat. It is gluten and grain free so it’s perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

How much should I feed my dog?

This is where things get a little tricky because every dog is different. The best way to find out how much to feed your dog is to simply give them a small portion and increase or decrease the amount as required.

What To Expect

Your dogs may act a bit weird after they eat it the first time. This is completely normal so don’t panic and don’t throw this diet out the window!

Some dogs may throw up once or twice (even water dogs) due to the change in diet. However, this should only last a couple of days and is nothing to be concerned about.

Natural Dog Food – How To Feed Your Dog As Nature Intended - | Dog Puppy Site

In fact, some vets actually recommend diet changes to help reduce the amount of vomiting when your dog is sick.

Your dog may also have a bit of soft stools initially due to the high protein content. This is also normal so don’t go running off to the vet just yet.

Once again this should only last a couple of days at the most.

On the flip side, some dogs may have less stools than normal due to the high protein content. If this happens you may want to feed your dog a little more.

Some dogs may even gain a little weight if you overfeed them so be careful with that!

Stick with it and keep an eye on things like stool quantity and quality and your dog’s weight. Make adjustments as required.

It shouldn’t take long for everything to settle down and if you still aren’t happy with how things are going you can always switch diets or pick up some of the more traditional type dog food at your local pet store.


Q: Why is my dog vomiting after eating this diet?

A: Please see the above section. Some dogs may vomit once or twice when changing diets. This is normal and nothing to be concerned about. It should only last a couple of days at the most.

Q: My dog is acting hungry all the time, is this normal?

A: Yes, due to the high protein content your dog may be a lot hungrier than normal. Make sure you are feeding enough to meet their needs. You may also want to add some additional snacks between meals.

Q: My dog isn’t gaining any weight, what am I doing wrong?

A: This is a common problem due to the high level of exercise many dogs get. Add some healthy fat sources such as natural peanut butter or lean ground beef (without fat drained) to help boost calories.

Q: My dog is stinking out the house, what can I do?

A: The high protein diet may cause increased stools with some dogs. You can add some pumpkin to their food to help bind things up a bit. Always make sure you are cleaning feces immediately to avoid any odor problems.

Q: Why did my dog’s stools turn white?

A: This is a common temporary side effect due to the high amount of fiber. It should go away within a week or so.

Q: How long can I feed this diet?

A: There is no set time limit but you should always pay attention to your dog’s weight, stools (quantity and quality), and how much they are eating. If there are any problems you should seek the advice of a vet before continuing. You can also transition your dog to a more traditional diet if you prefer.

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