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Dog Names

German Shepherd Names: Over 200 Great Ideas for Boy and Girl Dogs

German Shepherds are very popular among families because they are reliable, loyal and obedient. They have been used in war time for their ability to track down enemy soldiers and deliver them safely back home. However, there is another reason why Germans are so loved by many people: Their names! Most of these names are […]

Mixed Breed Dogs

German Shepherd Husky Mix – The Loyal Gerberian Shepsky

German Shepherd Husky Mix – The Loyal Gerberian Shepsky Temperament: The German Shepherd Husky Mix is one of the most popular dog breeds today. They are known for their loyalty, love of family and being very affectionate towards humans. However, they have been bred to be extremely strong dogs with powerful jaws and teeth which […]

Dog Breeds

Chiweenie – Your Tiny Chihuahua Dachshund Mix

Chiweenie – Your Tiny Chihuahua Dachshund Mix: A Dog Breed For Sale? A dog breed is a group of animals with similar characteristics or traits. Dogs are one of these breeds. They belong to the Canidae family (dog genus). There are many different types of dogs, but they all share certain common features such as […]

Chihuahua Terrier

Chihuahua Terrier Mix – What To Expect

What Is A Fox Terrier? Fox terriers are small dogs with short fur coats. They have long legs and a short body, which makes them look like miniature foxes. Their ears are pointed, their tails are curly and they have white paws. Fox terriers come in many colors including black, chocolate brown, cinnamon red and […]

Dog Breeds

Blue Heeler – A Complete Guide To The Australian Cattle Dog

The term “blue heeler” refers to any of several breeds of small dogs with a white or cream colored chest and legs. These are all members of the family Canidae, which includes wolves, foxes, jackals and other similar animals. There are over 100 different breeds of dogs, but only three types: the wolfdog (Canis lupus […]

Dog Names

Black Dog Names – Fabulous Names For Gorgeous Pups

The following are some of the most beautiful black dog names for dogs: 1. Ducky (Duck) 2. Fluffy (Fluff) 3. Scruffy (Scratch) 4. Mooch (Mudcat) 5. Chubbie (Chubby) 6. Biscuit (Biscuits) 7. Sniffles (Sniffle) 8. Shrimpy (Shrimp) 9. Tinky Winky (Tickle) 10. Sprocket (Spike) 11. Buzzy Buzzy (Buzzer) 12. Nana Bear (Nanny Bear) 13. Pooh […]

Dog Breeds

Beagle Lab Mix – A Complete Guide to the Beagador

Beagle Lab Mix Pros and Cons: Pros: – Good temperament; they are very friendly and playful. They love attention from their human companions and other dogs. They make good guard dogs. (They will bark at intruders) They do not have any aggression towards humans or other animals, but they may get jealous when their human […]