Peekapoo – A Complete Guide To The Pekingese Poodle Mix

Peekapoo – A Complete Guide To The Pekingese Poodle Mix

The pekingese puppy breed originated from China, but it was not until the late 19th century when they were introduced into the United States. They are now one of the most popular dog breeds in America.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes them as a purebred dog breed. Their popularity has increased because they have been bred to look very much like their Chinese ancestors.

Pekingese puppies are known for being friendly, affectionate, loyal and obedient. They love to play with other dogs and humans alike.

They are known for having a calm temperament and being very intelligent. The pekingese is considered one of the smartest breeds of all time!

They are often used as guard dogs or working service animals due to their intelligence and loyalty. Some pekingese even make excellent therapy dogs!

A typical pekingese looks similar to a miniature dachshund. However, there are differences between the two such as coat length, coloration and size.

Pekingeses come in various colors including black, chocolate brown, red, white and many others. Most pekingese are around 6 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh 4 pounds.

They do not grow larger than that!

The Pekingese poodle mix, or “peekapoo” is a cross between a Pekingese and a poodle. They are bred in order to get the best traits of both parent breeds.

A peekapoo is one of the many poodle mixes available.

These dogs can be either or neutered or entire (intact) as far as gender goes however, it is more common for a peekapoo to be an entire male.

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Peekapoo puppies are very cute and playful. They can be either serious or silly, it all just depends on what mood they’re in.

They are usually social animals.

Peekapoo puppies resemble small pekingese in size and height. Depending on the type of poodle they are crossed with, peekapoos can be anywhere from 5 to 30 pounds.

The average size of a peekapoo is around 10-12 inches and 10-15 pounds.

Peekapoo’s colors vary depending on what genes they inherit. Some common colors for a peekapoo include black, white, brown, tan and silver.

Their coats are thick, soft and usually curly or wavy.

As with all crossbreeds, the peekapoo is not recognized as an official dog breed by kennel clubs or other such organizations. This means they cannot compete in dog shows or be endorsed by such organizations.

However, there are various online communities and forums that host virtual shows where pet owners can enter their pets. Many owners enjoy doing this as it’s a fun way to show off their pets and let others see how beautiful they are.

Puppies of the Pekingese breed are around $900-$1200 USD. Depending on the dog, this price can fluctuate.

The Pomeranian is the cheapest and found for around $200.

Pekes are also one of the most expensive dogs to own due to their long list of health problems. Some of them include diabetes, bloating, dental problems, knee issues and skin conditions.

They also have different proportions which make them prone to getting spinal problems and shoulder issues as they grow older.

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The peekapoo is a relatively new breed that has not been recognized as an official dog breed yet. However, the average price of one is around $600 as of 2018.

Peekapoo’s are typically bought by individuals rather than families or parents. This is because they are relatively small and do not make good family pets.

They can be very shy around children and are more suited to living in an apartment rather than a house with a yard.

This is due to their small size which makes them more suitable for apartment life. They can also have a lot of energy and be hyper if they’re not given enough attention.

This means they can become destructive and noisy if left alone for extended periods of time.

Peekapoos are very loving dogs and get along well with children and most other animals. They are gentle, playful and always up for a good time.

They are one of the most loving crossbreeds out there and make good pets as long as their needs are met.

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