Pekingese Pomeranian Mix – Will The Peek-A-Pom Suit Your Family

Peek A Pom Puppy For Sale: What Is It And How Can You Get One?

The name “peek a pom” refers to the fact that they are very cute looking dogs. They have small heads with round faces and long ears. Their bodies are medium size, but their legs are short so they look like miniature horses. Their tails are usually tucked under their bodies when they sleep or lie down.

They are a breed of dog that was originally bred to guard sheep. They were popularized in the 20th century because they had good looks and could fetch toys easily. However, due to breeding problems, many of them developed health issues such as hip dysplasia and other congenital defects.

These conditions make it difficult for these dogs to walk or even stand up straight without assistance. Some of them cannot even get along with each other and fight over food.

These dogs are also known to bite if provoked. If you want a peep-a-pom puppy, then you need to take all possible precautions before getting one. There are several reputable breeders who will guarantee that your pup will not only be healthy, but also beautiful!

How To Choose The Best Peek A Pom Puppy For Sale?

There are various factors which go into choosing the best peep-a-poms for sale. While most people focus on the looks, there are other factors which are more important such as their physical health, behavior, and overall energy levels. It is important to look for a dog that is physically and mentally sound to ensure that they will not develop any major issues in the future.

It is also important to consider the energy level of your peek-a-pom puppies or dogs. Some will be more hyper than others, and that’s perfectly fine as long as you can deal with it. However, if you are a very busy person, then you should get a dog which does not require going on long walks or runs during the day.

It is also important to see what kind of environment the dog is raised in. This includes where they sleep, how they are fed, and how they are trained. All of these things have a major impact on the dog’s personality and how they will act when they grow up.

After all, no one wants to deal with a grown dog that acts very stubborn or aggressive.

How Much Do They Cost?

The cost of peek-a-poms can vary depending on various factors. It is possible to get one from a breeder for as low as $400, but it can cost as much as $1,000. This is due to the popularity of this dog. It was made famous by celebrities and millionaires who own them. As a result, people want this dog even if they do not necessarily want to put in the work.

If you are looking for a peek-a-pom, then it is best to get one that is at least six months old. This is when their health has been more thoroughly tested and you know that they will grow up to be healthy adult dogs. It is possible to get them as puppies, but you will end up paying more for their medical bills if they are not in tip-top shape.

Also, do not go the cheap route when it comes to buying your dog. It may be tempting to go online and find a cheap puppy seller, but this is never a good idea. These sellers tend to sell sick dogs or abused dogs that will have various behavior and health issues.

Instead, it is better to get your peek-a-pom from a shelter. These dogs are often times abandoned by their previous owners or taken from abusive homes. By adopting one of these dogs, not only do you give them a forever home, but you also save a life which would otherwise be in danger.

What Are The Health Issues To Watch Out For With This Breed?

The Pekingese is prone to a couple of different health issues which need to be monitored or can become serious if not treated on time. The most common health issues that this breed is prone to are:

Gastric Torsion – This is a medical emergency and requires immediate surgery. It involves the stomach twisting which cuts off the blood flow. Without surgery, the dog will die due to blood loss.

This condition typically affects younger dogs.

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Hip Dysplasia – This is a genetic condition which affects the dog’s hip joints. This causes them to become arthritic at a much earlier age, and in severe cases, it can cause the hip joint to deteriorate entirely. This condition typically appears in older dogs.

Skin Conditions – Pekingese can suffer from a handful of skin conditions which can be caused by a number of factors. These conditions can include : Atopic Dermatitis Allergies Flea Allergies Food Allergies Infectious Dermatitis Seborrhea

These are just a few of the health issues that this breed is prone to. As a responsible Pekingese owner, it is your job to monitor your dog’s health on a regular basis. This means taking them to the vet for regular check-ups and keeping a close eye out for any signs of trouble.

Peek-a-Poms Are Perfect For…

Anyone who wants a dog that loves being around people. The Pekingese is an excellent companion for older adults or anyone who does not have a lot of time to invest in walking or playing with a dog on a daily basis. While they do require a moderate amount of grooming, the good behavior that they exhibit is more than enough to outweigh that small mess that they make when they eat.

All in all, the Pekingese is an excellent dog for people who want a furry friend to spend their twilight years with.

Peek-a-Poms Are Not Good For…

Anyone who does not have the time to spend with this breed on a daily basis. While the Pekingese is a friendly dog, if it does not receive enough attention it will become depressed and start to exhibit negative behavior. These dogs need at least a half hour of exercise and interaction on a daily basis.

Also, these dogs are not good for people who live in apartments or other places where there is a small amount of space. The Pekingese does not do well if it does not have room to run around and play. Without enough room to move around, the dog will become frustrated and start to exhibit behavior problems.

Pekingese puppies are also not the best option for first time owners. They can be a handful at times and a little training is definitely required for new owners.

What Living Conditions Are Best For The Pekingese?

The Pekingese does very well living inside a home, they don’t do too well living outside. While they are known to do okay in an apartment as long as they get regular exercise, these dogs do best when they have access to a yard. While they are small enough to sleep on a bed or even on a chair, they are most happy when they have their own little den or cave that they can crawl into and feel safe in.

Because of their size, these dogs do best in urban areas or in homes where there is at least a small yard. If you live in an apartment, as long as you can take the dog out for a walk a few times per day then this should not be a problem.

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Pekingese puppies need a lot of Socialization

Many breeders will tell you that Pekingese puppies require a lot of socialization. What this basically means is that you need to introduce your Pekingese to as many different people, animals, sounds, and experiences as possible. This will help prevent the dog from being afraid of new things later in life.

It will also ensure that your dog grows up to be comfortable around all types of people and animals.

Pekingese puppies should take part in puppy preschool and obedience training. These classes not only teach your dog basic obedience but also help him learn how to socialize with other dogs and people. Having a well-trained puppy will ensure that your adult Pekingese is not a nuisance to you or anyone else that you come in contact with.

Puppy Proof Your Home

Much like the Yorkies, these dogs are known to get into anything and everything. They are often called the “Velcro Dogs” because they tend to stick by their owners sides and follow them from room to room. Because of this tendency they can be injured easily by either stepping on something that they could cut their paws on or by knocking something over onto themselves.

You need to “Puppy Proof” your home before bringing one of these dogs into it.

Pekingese Love To Eat

This breed has a big personality in a small frame which means that they tend to eat just as much as they love. Owners typically need to watch their food intake or these dogs can put on weight very quickly. A healthy diet and plenty of exercise are a must for this dog.

Otherwise, obesity can become an immediate health risk.

Pekingese Pomeranian Mix – Will The Peek-A-Pom Suit Your Family -

The Pekingese is not typically a one person dog. These dogs tend to bond very closely with one person and then remain aloof to everyone else in the family. They can become jealous very easily and do not like sharing your affection with anyone else.

They can also be a bit domineering when it comes to their toys, food, and even you. These dogs tend to believe that everything in the house belongs to them and they have every right to guard it from everyone else.

Pekingese Health Concerns

The Pekingese is a very healthy breed but there are some things that you need to watch for. A couple of the health issues that seem to pop up in this breed are skin problems, eye problems, and digestive problems.

Skin problems can sometimes include yeast and bacterial infections. Yeast seems to be more common in males, while bacterial infections seem to happen with females more often. It is easy to treat but needs to be caught early.

A trip to the veterinarian should be made if you start to notice redness, flaking, or scaling of the skin.

As far as eye problems go, a condition known as eyelid agenesis can occur in this breed. This is a condition where the eyelids are either underdeveloped or completely missing. This causes the eyes to become very dry and even stick to the eye ball on occasion.

It is very painful for the dog and can lead to other eye problems if not treated.

Finally, digestive issues seem to be a common problem with this breed. A lot of times the problem is simply one of diet. Many Pekingese tend to eat too quickly and swallow food without chewing it properly.

Not only can this lead to a digestive upset but it can also lead to a lot of gaseousness and even bloat.

Cutting down on the fat content in the food can help with the digestion. Some breeds also seem to have trouble metabolizing certain proteins. In these cases, a diet that is low in protein is in order.

These health problems seem to be more common in male Pekingese.

Pekingese Pomeranian Mix – Will The Peek-A-Pom Suit Your Family -

These are all fairly minor concerns when it comes to maintaining your Pekingese’s good health but they are still something that you need to be aware of. After all, you want your dog to enjoy a long life and healthy one.

Pekingese Videos

Pekingese Videos

Pekingese Growing Up

Pekinese grow up fast but they never really grow up. They are like little children that can’t be left alone for a few minutes. They still believe that whatever they find is there just for them.

This can include your freshly baked bread, your favorite chair, or your best pair of shoes.

When you have a Peke, it is always a good idea to keep them inside because if they get out and run around they can easily become frightened by something and take off running. They are by nature escape artists and will find a way out of any pen or fence that you put them in.

Even if you live in an apartment and take the Peke out for daily walks, this doesn’t mean that it won’t try to dash away from you when it sees something more interesting.

To keep them from getting bored, you will have to provide them with things to chew on and entertain them on a regular basis. A grassy area to run around on would be a good idea, too.

Children and other pets should be something you keep a Pekingese away from. While they are very people oriented dogs and love the attention they get from their owners, they tend to not like a lot of other interaction. They can become over protective of their owners and see children and other animals as threats.

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While they can get along with other dogs if raised with them from an early age, they are more likely to see other dogs as rivals than some other breeds. Pets that are in the same household should also be calm and not too boisterous as it could trigger the protective instinct in your Peke.

Make sure when you take your Peke out for walks that you keep a tight hold on their leash at all times. They are notorious for suddenly darting after something that catches their eye and taking off.

Peke’s are also very good watchdogs and will let you know if someone is at the door. It isn’t uncommon for them to bark at every person that walks by your house whether they are a stranger or not. It is up to you if you want to train them not to do this.

This is a great dog for apartment dwellers. They don’t need a yard to play in and can do okay in a small space. They are quiet dogs and not prone to a lot of barking.

They will let you know if someone is at the door but other than that, they aren’t loud dogs.

The Pekingese is perfect for older people or those that want a dog to cuddle with during those cold winter nights. They tend to prefer the company of their owners over anything else.

While they are perfect for those that want a dog to cuddle with during those cold winter nights they can develop a habit of becoming a bit of a one person dog. If you don’t spend a lot of time at home, this might not be the breed for you. They will want and expect your attention whenever you are in the house.

As long as you are willing to give them the attention they crave, they make great companions. They are loving and patient and will adapt easily to your lifestyle.

Pekingese Pictures

Below are some pictures of Pekingese (Pekes) at different ages.

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