Pictures Of Golden Retrievers

The picture above shows a puppy with its back towards the viewer. It looks like it is sleeping or resting. However, it is actually a picture of a Golden Retriever Puppy. A dog breed which has been popular among humans since ancient times. They are known to have very good hunting skills and they are considered as loyal companions.

Golden Retrievers are not only dogs but also cats. There are different breeds of both animals.

Some of them look alike while others have their own distinctive features. Cats are generally smaller than dogs, however they possess many useful qualities such as being able to jump high and long distances and even fly! (Well at least some of them do)

There are various types of Golden Retrievers:

1. Standard Golden Retriever

These are the most common type of Golden Retriever. They are medium sized dogs with short legs and a flat face.

Their coat is white, black or grey. These dogs usually weigh between 15 – 20 pounds. Their eyes are brown, hazel or grayish blue in color and they have no visible facial markings except for a small nose.

2. American Water Dog

These are similar in appearance to the Standard Golden Retriever, however they have a slightly longer body and limbs. Their coat is usually dark golden or yellowish in color.

These dogs are highly intelligent making them easily trainable.

3. English Water Dog

These dogs are similar to the Standard and American Water Dogs however they have thicker coats which can be medium or long in length. They are also very energetic and active.

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4. Flat Coated Retriever

These dogs are massive and heavy in size when compared to other Retriever dogs. They have a short coat which can be black, brown or dark yellow in color.

Due to their enormous size they require more food and exercise than other breeds.

5. Curly Coated Retriever

These dogs have a curly coat which is protective in nature. It is usually white or yellow in color and their eyes are usually brown.

These dogs have a slow growth pattern and weigh around 40 pounds on an average.

Golden Retriever Training

Golden Retriever Dogs are very intelligent which makes them very easy to train. They respond well to positive reinforcement and rewards based dog training techniques.

Start training the dog as soon as you bring it home from the breeder since this will make the process easier for you. The dog should also be taken to a professional trainer who will teach it the basics of obedience, behavior, and social interaction with other dogs and people.

The dog has an outstanding sense of smell and hearing abilities and can easily detect sounds which are otherwise inaudible to human ears. They are very friendly animals who love people and enjoy spending time with them.

In fact owners often describe their dogs as “Velcro” dogs since they always want to be in contact with their owners.

Since these dogs are so intelligent, they can easily pick up bad habits from poorly trained humans. It is very important that you always display good behavior and proper etiquette around your dog.

Pictures Of Golden Retrievers -

This is so the dog will learn how it should act in different situations. Owners who display bad habits will often find their dogs emulating those same behavioral patterns.

Due to their high energy levels, Retriever Dogs need lots of exercise. If you do not have the time to take it out for a walk or jog around the neighborhood then you will need to provide some other form of exercise such as a running wheel, a ball to play fetch with or even specialized toys designed to exhaust your dog’s energy.

These dogs also benefit from learning basic tricks which again can be taught at a professional training center or even by yourself at home. Golden Retriever Dogs are very adept at picking up new skills since they have an intelligence level much higher than the average dog.

Golden Retriever Breeding

Breeding of Retriever Dogs can be a substantial source of income for owners however it is important to not undertake this process randomly or without guidance from a professional breeder. Unsuccessful breeding between a male and female dog can lead to unhealthy or unhappy puppies who may be prone to health problems.

Puppies for sale can be found online or in newspaper ads. Before you buy one it is important to inspect the living conditions of the puppy’s mother and father.

This will give you an indication of what the puppy will be like once it grows up.

Take a look at the parents of the dog, do they have a healthy appearance? Do they display positive behavior? Are they well socialized with people and other dogs?

If possible, you should also interact with the puppy yourself. It should be friendly, not display any signs of fear or aggression and should appear happy to see you. The mother and father dogs will also display typical behavior around their puppies – this will give you an idea of how the dog will act when it grows up. For example, a mother dog with a timid personality will produce puppies that are also likely to be timid and not very adventurous. A mother dog which is aggressive will create puppies which may also display the same aggressive behavior.

As with all dogs, Retriever Dogs are prone to certain genetic disorders. Some of the most common are hip dysplasia (weak hips), eye problems, epilepsy, heart problems and bleeding disorders.

It is important that you select the right puppy and this guide should help you in doing that.

Breeding puppies should only be undertaken by people who have a solid understanding of dog psychology and behavior. For this reason, owners are recommended to seek professional help in breeding their dogs – this will also ensure that you do not end up with any unwanted puppies which you will have to dispose of, causing emotional and financial burden for you and the mother.

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