Pit Bull Temperament – Busting The Myths About Pit Personality

1) They’re not aggressive or mean, they just have a bad temper!

A myth. There’s no doubt that most dogs are born with a certain amount of aggression and even some are capable of being cruel. However, it would seem that those two traits are often misconstrued into one: the “bad dog” stereotype. A good example is the famous case of Rottweiler attacked and killed its owner because she had left her keys under the doormat. Rottweilers aren’t inherently violent, but their reputation is so strong that many people don’t want them around children.

The truth is, there are several breeds of dogs that are known to be very friendly and loving towards humans and other animals. These include the German Shepherd Dog, the Australian Cattle Dog, Labrador Retriever and even the Pomeranian. Some of these breeds are referred to as “lovely,” while others are called “cute.” But all of them have a certain degree of intelligence and are capable of showing affection without being overly needy.

2) They’re too much trouble to train, they’ll never learn!

Not true. Any dog breed can be trained, it just takes time and positive reinforcement. Many people who own pit bulls find them to be very intelligent and eager to learn. Obedience training, like teaching them basic commands like sit, down, stay, heal and come, are good ways to bond with your dog and spend quality time together. Pit bull dogs are also easy to potty train and they can even be trained to walk without a leash.

Pit bulls can also be trained for many different activities and sports such as agility, flyball, disc dog, tracking, carting and more. The truth is, pit bulls are great family dogs because they love to spend time with their owners. Training your pit bull can help you strengthen the bond in your relationship and they will always stay by your side!

3) They’re too dangerous to own!

This is probably one of the most untrue myths about pit bulls. The media has played a large role in demonizing pit bulls because they’re often used by gangs and criminals to do their dirty work. In one instance, a woman jogging in a park was killed by a pit bull owned by a former associate of the local mob. The pit bull grabbed her leg, pulled her to the ground and then latched onto her throat, resulting in her death.

The media took that incident and blew it out of proportion, resulting in hundreds of cities and municipalities banning the ownership of pit bulls. One of the most notorious, Denver, Colorado, went as far as to ban not only American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers but also any other dog that has a “similar appearance.” Owners must comply with very strict regulations or face heavy fines and possibly even jail time.

The funny thing is, pit bulls are actually one of the most friendly and outgoing dogs. It takes very little to please them, such as a game of fetch or tug-of-war. They love spending time with their owners and just need a little direction and guidance to thrive in an environment. For these reasons, pit bulls make one of the best family dogs and certainly not the vicious killing machines that they’ve been made out to be!

Does your pit bull make you happier than this guy?

If so, then you’ve won at life![/caption]

We’ll end this post with one final note. Pit bulls are often times used as a form of currency in dog fighting rings where the animals battle to the death for the owners’ entertainment and gambling purposes. This is a terrible, cruel practice that needs to come to an end. Not every pit bull has come from such a circumstance and not every pit bull owner is involved in illegal activities.

So how do you know if you’re interacting with a responsible pit bull owner?

As with any dog or pet owner, if they’re interacting with their pet on a daily basis, playing with it and showing affection then there’s nothing to worry about. If you’re ever concerned about the way your pit bull is being treated, please don’t hesitate to contact your local animal control authorities.

Pit Bull Temperament – Busting The Myths About Pit Personality - | Dog Puppy Site

The important thing to take away from this is to never, under any circumstance abuse or discriminate against these wonderful creatures. Pit bulls just want to love and be loved. They’re dogs and they deserve that much after all that has been said about them.

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