Pitbull Chihuahua Mix – A Lovable Oddball

Pitbull Chihuahua Mix – A Lovable Oddball?

The Pitbull breed originated from the American dog show circuit. The first one was named “American Bulldog” which was created in 1925 by a man called John T. Kennel in New York City. His name came from the fact that he had two dogs, which were both bulldogs but they looked very different and had completely different temperaments. One was a big, strong, aggressive looking dog with a short coat and thick fur while the other was smaller and rounder than average. They were both friendly but the bigger dog would bark at strangers. The owner decided to call them “pit bulls”.

The American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) is a medium sized terrier breed originating from the United States. Its ancestors are believed to have been imported into England during the early 1700’s. There are several theories as to why the APBT became popular there. Some believe it was because its appearance resembled that of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Others say it was due to its reputation for being loyal and protective, which made it similar to a Yorkshire Terrier.

Still others claim that the popularity of the breed stemmed from the fact that many Englishmen owned them as guard dogs or family pets.

Soon after their arrival in England, APBT’s became popular in dog fights due to their size and strength. Dog fighting was made illegal in 1835; however, the dogs’ popularity in the sport led to crossbreeding with other breeds such as the Bull Terrier and eventually the creation of a new breed: the American Pit Bull Terrier.

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