Pitbull Pug Mix – Loyal Companion Or Oversized Lap Dog

Pitbull Pug Mix Puppies For Sale: What Are They Good At?

The pugdog breed is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. There are many reasons why it became so popular. One of them is its good looks and personality. Another reason is because they have a very loyal nature. A third reason is because they are easy to train.

A pugdog puppy is considered to be loyal companion or lap dog. Some people consider them to be a lap dog for their owner’s family members, while others think that they are just obedient dogs.

They are usually friendly with other animals and humans alike. The pugs have been known to do tricks and play games with children and adults alike. They are also known to love to eat junk food.

In addition, pugs are known to be great guard dogs. Their strong jaws make them excellent fighters against intruders.

They are also known to be good watchdogs and protectors of property.

As for fighting ability, they don’t possess such abilities at all. However, some pugs have fought off predators like wolves and coyotes when necessary.

They have sharp teeth that are capable of tearing through human flesh, for example.

In terms of behavior, pugs are known to be easy to find good deals on pug puppies for sale. People love them and they’re willing to pay a lot for them.

They’re also known to be easy to train and eager to please their owners. They have a reputation of being lazy, but that simply is not true! They are very loving, energetic, fun-loving dogs. They have a lot of stamina and despite their short legs they are capable of running fast.

Pitbull Pug Mix – Loyal Companion Or Oversized Lap Dog - DogPuppySite

So here’s what makes the pug pugbull mix so fascinating. The Pug is a laid back yet playful dog that loves attention.

It is also very loyal to its family. The Pitbull on the other hand, is known to be a loyal dog, but it can be standoffish with strangers. It is playful and energetic, but tends to be more aggressive with other dogs.

When these two are bred together, you get a dog that is very loving of its family, playful, loyal and very energetic! This dog will need a lot of exercise and attention or it can become bored and destructive.

It’s important that this dog gets enough mental stimulation like puzzle toys and games.

The Pugpitbull is not the most obedient breed of dog. It can be stubborn at times.

Owners need to be firm and confident when training this dog or it can become very willful. It is important to start training this dog when it is a puppy. Owners need to be patient, but consistent and they also need to make sure that they engage the dog in mind games like fetch and tug of war.

The dogs are great with kids as long as the kids don’t try to show too much physical dominance. However, because they are very energetic, the dog might accidentally knock a child over as it barrels after a ball or toy.

It is important that this dog is kept in a fenced in area because it has a lot of energy and even though it is loving, it is prone to wandering off if an open gate allows it.

Because the dog is prone to wander, it is important to keep them on a leash when out for a walk. The pugpitbull makes a great walking and jogging companion due to its high energy level.

This dog is an intelligent breed, but because of its short attention span, owners should engage the dog in activities that keep them mentally stimulated like interactive toys like Kongs, Nylabones and other puzzle toys.

The Pugpitbull can make a great family dog as long as it is given the attention and activities it needs. It has a lot of energy so it loves to play catch and other games in which it runs around a lot.

Pitbull Pug Mix – Loyal Companion Or Oversized Lap Dog - DogPuppySite

It has an average lifespan of 12-15 years, but some have been known to live up to 18 years.

Here are some Pugpitbull pictures.

The Paw Print Genetics

While this dog is generally healthy, it may be prone to developing some health problems such as cataracts, skin issues like allergies and skin infections or eye problems like juvenile cataracts. It is also important to make sure this dog is well socialized while it is a puppy.

These dogs can have dominant streaks and as such, owners need to make sure they do not display physical dominance over the dog, otherwise it may become afraid of the owner.

Doggy Dynamics

The Pugpitbull is not a hunting dog or a herding dog or a sniffing dog. It was bred to be a companion dog and that’s exactly what it does best.

In fact, it is considered by many to be a working dog because of its high intelligence. Owners need to make sure this dog has things to do, otherwise, it will make do by getting into your trash or tearing up your house.

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