Pocket Pitbull – What Happens When You Shrink A Pit

Pocket Pitbull – What Happens When You Shrink A Pit?

What happens when you shrink down a pitbull? How do they behave differently than other dogs? Are there any health concerns associated with shrinking them down or are they just like regular pitties?

These questions and many others were answered in this article. Let’s start off by talking about what happens to the dog once it reaches its normal size.

The first thing that happens is the dog will lose weight. This means it won’t have as much muscle mass anymore and will look different from before. They might even get a little skinnier. While some may not notice this change, others may be concerned about their new appearance. There are two things that can happen to make this difference:

1) The dog gets a tummy rub.

This means the owner gives the dog a massage on its belly area. If done properly, it will cause the dog to gain weight again. It is best if you don’t do this because it could lead to obesity which can affect your pet’s health negatively.

2) The dog gets a bath.

This will make it fluffy again and it will look more like its old self.

Next is the behavior of your dog. They may be skittish around other people and animals. This means they are weary around new faces and can even be a bit aggressive. They won’t be as friendly as they used to be when they were full grown and this could lead to problems if you plan on showing them off in front of others.

There is also the chance that they won’t like being small and will not accept their new body. They may get angry over their current situation and lash out at people or other animals. You can try to calm them down, but you won’t be able to reason with them if they have a fit of anger. If this is the case, then you are going to have some issues on your hands.

Next up are the health concerns. It is assumed that the shrinking process did not affect them at all, but this isn’t necessarily true. They could have some lingering health issues that will be permanent for the rest of their life. For example, there are chances they may get asthma or have breathing issues because of the change in their chest size. There is also a risk of brain damage that causes them to become mentally unstable.

It’s unknown why this happens, but it is believed the issue stems from the head and neck area.

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